NeutralEnter the Dreamway
Start Merithra of the Dream
End Merithra of the Dream
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous N [120] In Darkness, I Dream
Next N [120] Shards of Emerald, N [120] Null the Void & N [120] Don't Close Your Eyes


Speak with Merithra to enter the Emerald Dreamway.


We have little time, so I will be brief.

The Emerald Dream is under attack. The shadows of the Void are on the rise, and not even the Dream is beyond their reach. Many of my kin have already been slain, and still more are at risk.

We must enter the Dreamway and save what remains of my dragonflight before it is too late.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s


Now you see how dire our situation is. The Void is consuming us!


On accept
Merithra of the Dream says: We must enter the Dreamway before the rest of my flight is lost. Speak to me when you are ready.
Speaking with Merithra
I fear that even if Azeroth is saved, my brothers and sisters of the green dragonflight are doomed.
Still, we will do everything in our power to help save our world.
Gossip (Quest) I'm ready
Gossip (Quest) I need to return to the Emerald Dreamway. (replaces the above option if you've previously entered the Dreamway.)
Gossip Who are you?
I am Merithra, daughter of Ysera, the Dreamer.
I had thought that she would be here forever. Until she wasn't.
For eons my flight has watched over the Dream and the realms of nature. I cannot hide from this duty. Even if I fail, I must try.
There is too much at stake to do nothing.
Gossip Let's talk about something else.

Once you are teleported to the Dreamway, Merithra has new options.

Gossip Send me back to Val'sharah.
Gossip Where is Ysera?
Ysera, the Dreamer, lost her life in Val'sharah after she was corrupted by the Nightmare.
In the end, it seemed as if Elune welcomed her spirit with open arms. I pray she is at peace.
Gossip Let's talk about something else.


  1. N [120] In Darkness, I Dream
  2. N [120] Enter the Dreamway
  3. N [120] Shards of Emerald, N [120] Null the Void & N [120] Don't Close Your Eyes
  4. N [120] We Must Go Deeper
  5. N [120] Before I Wake
  6. N [120] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
  7. N [120] The Long Awake

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