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BossEonar the Life-Binder
Image of Eonar the Life-Binder
Gender Female
Race Titan
Level 112 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Elarian Sanctuary, Antorus, the Burning Throne
Status Active

Elarian Sanctuary.

Eonar the Life-Binder is a tower defense-like encounter in Antorus, the Burning Throne, located at the Elarian Sanctuary on Elunaria. Players must defend the Essence of Eonar against waves of Burning Legion forces from the Paraxis until she can deal enough damage to the ship to destroy it.

Adventure Guide

Though she was felled by the blade of Sargeras, the Life-Binder's essence escaped the grasp of the Dark Titan. After millennia spent hiding in isolation, Eonar's sanctuary has been discovered by the Legion.

Should her soul fall into the enemy's hands, Eonar's powers of nature and growth will be perverted to make the Burning Crusade unstoppable.


The forces of the Legion will warp in and charge at Eonar's Essence and attempt to destroy her outright. Players must defend Eonar until she can gather her energies and strike back at her attackers.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Most creatures are oblivious to your attempts to thwart their advance.
  • Many of your crowd-controlling effects will work here.
  • Move away from other players when targeted by Rain of Fel.
  • Kite Spear of Doom away from the normal walkways to mitigate its impact on the encounter.
  • Eonar will provide portals to board the Paraxis and interrupt its Final Doom attack.
  • When interrupting Final Doom coordinate which Feedback effect you will take.
  • Avoid getting hit by Meteor Storm.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Most creatures will not turn to engage players. Instead, the Paraxis will fire off many spells that will damage the raid.
  • Move away from other players when targeted by Rain of Fel.
  • Kite Spear of Doom away from the normal walkways to mitigate its impact on the encounter.
  • Eonar will provide portals to board the Paraxis and interrupt its Final Doom attack.
  • When interrupting Final Doom coordinate which Feedback effect you will take.
  • Avoid getting hit by Meteor Storm.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Fel-Powered Purifiers will divert from their path to Eonar to engage players in combat once damaged.
  • Fel-Infused Destructors will fire at a much faster rate unless engaged in melee combat.
  • Move away from other players when targeted by Rain of Fel.
  • Avoid getting hit by Meteor Storm.


  • Petbattle speed.png  Essence of the Lifebinder — Eonar's presence is so uplifting that you can take to the skies for a brief amount of time.
    • Ability rogue sturdyrecuperate.png  Surge of Life — Launch up into the air, then glide for a short time. In Mythic difficulty, players can only have one charge of Surge of Life at a time.
  • Achievement boss argus eonar.png  Life Energy Important — Eonar's Life Energy builds as you defeat the invading Legion forces. When she reaches 100 Life Energy she will attack the Paraxis and any Legion forces with her Life Force.
    • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Life Force — Eonar gathers her life force and blasts the Paraxis for Nature damage. Additionally, a shockwave sweeps across the zone damaging all enemy invaders. In Mythic difficulty, each cast of Life Force reenergizes players with Essence of the Lifebinder.
  • Spell nature elementalshields.png  Fel Shielding Important — This creature has an intense shield of Fel energy surrounding it, reducing all damage taken by 60%. Fel Shielding can only be removed by the explosion of a Rain of Fel.

The Paraxis

The Paraxis spearheads the Legion's invasion against Eonar, launching several different attacks at players to cover the insertion of Legion forces.

  • Spell fire felfire.png  Paraxis Artillery Healer Alert Magic Effect — The Paraxis fires several bolts of Fel energy at random players, inflicting 486919 to 513081 Fire damage to the target.
  • Spell fire felrainoffire.png  Meteor Storm Deadly — The Paraxis causes a series of Meteors to strike down, inflicting 1462500 to 1537500 Fire damage to all players within 8 yards of their impact.
  • Spell fire felflamestrike.png  Spear of Doom — The Paraxis focuses a beam of intense Fel energy that burns a trail towards Eonar's platform, leaving Fel Wakes in its path. Creates a zone of smoldering Fel that will burn all players for 578000 to 607000 Fire damage every second and increases the movement speed of all Legion forces by 30%.
  • Spell fire felflamestrike.png  Annihilation Deadly — The Paraxis fires several orbs of volatile Fel energy that will explode if not absorbed by a player. The explosion inflicts 1810000 to 1900000 Fire damage to all players. Absorbing the orb inflicts the damage to the absorbing player instead.
  • Spell fire felflamebolt.png  Rain of Fel Deadly — The Paraxis charges its batteries for a massive strike, inflicting 1560000 to 1640000 Fire damage in a 8 yard radius centered on several players.
  • Final Doom Important — Periodically throughout the encounter, the Paraxis will attempt to annihilate all life in the zone. Players must enter the Paraxis by using special portals that Eonar creates on her platform. While there, players must dispatch a Paraxis Inquisitor and then deactivate four Focusing Crystals in order to disrupt the sequence. Deactivating a crystal gives the player a Feedback application based on the color of the Focusing Crystal.
    • Ability creature cursed 05.png  Final Doom Deadly — The Paraxis begins charging its weapons to unleash a catastrophic wave of Fel energies, killing Eonar.
    • Priest icon chakra blue.png  Feedback - Arcane Singularity — The target is afflicted with a field that causes a pulse of Arcane energy every 25 sec. that interrupts all spells being cast within 10 yards of the victim.
    • Priest icon chakra green.png  Feedback - Targeted — The target is permanently locked into the Paraxis' targeting schema. Every time the Paraxis uses one of its abilities, the victim is always added to the list of targets.
    • Priest icon chakra red.png  Feedback - Burning Embers — The target is afflicted with continuously burning embers that will burn all players within 8 yards of the victim every 30 sec. for 462500 to 537500 Fire damage. Victims hit by this effect are knocked up in the air.
    • Priest icon chakra.png  Feedback - Foul Steps — The target is infected with a disease that inflicts 200000 Shadow damage to the victim every 1 sec. while moving. This damage ramps up the more the victim moves.
  • Paraxis Inquisitor Important — The Paraxis Inquisitor controls access to the various control devices aboard the Paraxis. Defeat him to be able to interact with the devices and interrupt the Paraxis' Final Doom attack.
    • Priest icon chakra.png  Mind Blast Interruptible — The caster blasts the target's mind with Shadow energy, inflicting 2775000 to 3225000 Shadow damage.
    • Spell shadow shadowwordpain.png  Pain Magic Effect — The target is tormented with pain, suffering 300000 Shadow damage every 1 sec.
    • Ability druid twilightswrath.png  Wrack Interruptible — The caster inflicts 693750 to 806250 Shadow damage to all nearby players every 1 sec.
    • Ability xavius tormentingdetonation.png  Torment Interruptible — The caster inflicts 500000 Shadow damage to all nearby players every 1 sec. until the caster is interrupted. This ability is only used when the caster is not actively engaged in melee combat.

Forces of the Legion Damage Dealer Alert

These creatures warp in at various locations and move directly to Eonar's essence. If they reach her essence they will inflict damage to her until they are defeated.

  • Felguard — Standard Legion infantry unit. Not exceptionally fast or hearty.
  • Fel Hound — Exceptionally fast, these hounds of the Legion have less health than Felguards.
  • Fel Lord — Slow-moving, these elite Legion units have exceptionally high health.
  • Volant Kerapteron — These fel bats fly in and take an airborne route to Eonar's essence.
  • Fel-Powered Purifier Tank Alert — Removes any active crowd-control effects from nearby allies and grants all nearby allies immunity to crowd-controlling effects.
    • Spell shadow felarmour.png  Purification Important — This creature cleanses nearby allies of all crowd-controlling effects and makes them immune to such effects while they are nearby.
    • Inv weapon halberd17.png  Fel Swipe Tank Alert — The caster swings their weapon in a devastating arc, inflicting 2890000 to 3040000 Fire damage to all enemies caught in the weapon's path.
  • Fel-Infused Destructor Tank Alert — Continually fires upon Eonar's essence until dispatched. If not actively engaged in melee combat will greatly increase rate of fire. This creature is sessile.
    • Spell fire felflamestrike.png  Artillery Strike — The caster fires a missile of Fel energy at the Essence of Eonar, inflicting a small amount of Fire damage.
    • Spell fire felflamestrike.png  Artillery Mode Deadly Tank Alert — The caster periodically fires a missile of Fel energy at the Essence of Eonar. Engaging this creature in melee combat will end this effect.
  • Fel-Charged Obfuscator — Cloaks nearby allies, making them invisible. This creature ignores combat.
    • Spell arcane prismaticcloak.png  Cloak Important — The caster creates a field of cloaking that makes all other nearby allies invisible.


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Arriving on Elunaria
Essence of Eonar says: Welcome, mortals, to my sanctuary.
Essence of Eonar says: For countless ages my spirit has lingered here, safe from the Dark Titan's grasp. But he has found me at last, and comes to claim my power.
The Paraxis warps in.
Essence of Eonar says: Time grows short. The enemy closes in. Approach me and stand ready, my children. The final battle is at hand.
Essence of Eonar dialogue
<The essence of Eonar hovers before you. Though her beauty and purity is palpable, you can sense her sorrow and dread.>
Gossip We will defend you, Lifebinder.
Essence of Eonar yells: Champions! The forces of the Legion seek to capture my essence for their infernal master!
Life Force
Eonar unleashes her Life Force.
Essence of Eonar yells: Begone, intruders! Back to your master!
Essence of Eonar yells: Feel the potency of life! Fear its power!
Essence of Eonar yells: Minions of darkness! You will know the might of a titan!
  • Essence of Eonar yells: Defeat them before they reach me, or all is lost.
  • Essence of Eonar yells: My resistance wanes. Should Sargeras prevail, all life will fall to darkness.
Essence of Eonar yells: The last of my strength... ebbs away... I will not... be able to stop them...
Essence of Eonar yells: It ends. My life... forever bound... to Sargeras...
Killing remaining demons
Essence of Eonar yells: Victory is nigh, champions! Dispatch their remaining forces. I will see to their vessel myself.
Eonar says: The tormented cries of the Pantheon ring out from deep within the core of Argus.
Eonar says: If Sargeras breaks them as he did Aggramar, no power in this universe will stop him.
Eonar says: Release them, champions, or your struggle will be for naught.
Essence of Eonar dialogue
<The essence of Eonar hovers before you. You sense both relief and gratitude: but a sense of urgency and purpose cuts short the joy of victory.>
Gossip Send me back to Antorus.
Last Boss completed on the Ground Level
Prophet Velen yells: Well done, champions. For the first time in millennia, a blow has been struck against the denizens of the Burning Throne.
Prophet Velen yells: Yet this battle is far from over. A great power roils in torment at this world's core.
Prophet Velen yells: Rendezvous with the Vindicaar so we can prepare for the final attack.
Unused quotes
  • Essence of Eonar: I implore you, stand with me. Together we can drive back this onslaught and deprive Sargeras of victory.
  • Essence of Eonar: The invaders are charging their weapons! Quickly, use these portals to warp their vessel! Stop their attack!
  • Essence of Eonar: Your master has failed, demons! To the abyss with you!

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