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Eredar Summoner

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MobEredar Summoner
Image of Eredar Summoner
Gender Both
Race Man'ari eredar (Demon)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Occupation Summoner
Location Various Locations on Azeroth, Mardum, and Argus
Status Killable

Eredar Summoners are man'ari eredar that appear during the Legion Invasion, then throughout the expansion.


On Mardum
  • Quickly, finish the summons.
  • Kill the Illidari.
  • For the Brood Queen.
  • Our ritual is interrupted.
  • Defend the portal.
  • How can they see us?
  • They have the spectral sight!
  • Finish them. Recast the cloaking spell.
  • Your soul will be ours.
  • Kill them before they get up to the Fel Hammer.
  • Defend the Soul Engine.
  • The Legions will be done.
  • Your world will be purged!
  • In Sargeras' name.
  • Your death will be swift and unmerciful.
  • Wither before my might.
  • You dare?!
  • I am of Argus, the mightiest world in all of the Great Dark.
  • Here's a small taste of my fel magic.


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