Image of Erekem
Gender Male
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Level 70 - 82 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Violet Hold
Status Killable
Violet Hold
First 2 Random Bosses

Zuramat the Obliterator


Final Boss



Erekem is an arakkoa mini-boss located in the Violet Hold. His escape comes with two adds.

Adventure Guide

Erekem in World of Warcraft.

The Violet Hold's inmates include the most notorious of Outland's criminals, and Erekem is no exception. The Kirin Tor thwarted his plot to assassinate the Council of Six, but now the blue dragons have recruited this insidious arakkoa to achieve a more ambitious feat: wiping out every mage in Dalaran.


  • Spell nature skinofearth.png  Earth Shield Magic Effect — Erekem protects an ally with an earthen shield, causing melee attacks to heal them. The shield lasts until 20 charges are consumed or 2 min. 
  • Spell nature healingwavegreater.png  Chain Heal Interruptible — Erekem infuses a wounded ally with healing energy that spreads to another nearby ally. The spell affects up to 3 targets. 
  • Spell nature bloodlust.png  Bloodlust Magic Effect — Erekem increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 35% for all of his allies. This effect lasts 20 sec. 
  • Spell nature lightning.png  Lightning Bolt Interruptible — Erekem blasts a player with lightning, inflicting Nature damage. 
  • Spell nature strength.png  Break Bonds — Erekem breaks all of his allies within 0 yards out of snares, crowd-control and stun effects. 
  • Erekem Guard — Two Erekem Guards accompany Erekem. 
    • Spell shadow unsummonbuilding.png  Howling Screech Magic Effect — Erekem Guards screech, reducing the movement speed and attack power of all players within 0 yards for 6 sec. 
    • Ability gouge.png  Gushing Wound — Erekem Guards wound a player, inflicting Physical damage every 5 sec. for 15 sec. This effect is removed by any healing effect. 
    • Ability rogue ambush.png  Strike — Erekem Guards strike a player, inflicting Physical damage. 

Storm Unleashed

If both of Erekem's Guards are killed, he becomes enraged and attacks players with new abilities.

  • Ability shaman stormstrike.png  Stormstrike Magic Effect — Erekem attacks a player with both weapons, inflicting Physical damage. In addition, the next 2 sources of Nature damage dealt to the target are increased by 20% for 12 sec. 
  • Spell nature cyclone.png  Windfury — Erekem's melee attacks have a 35% chance to strike 2 additional times, increasing his attack power for 1 sec. 
  • Spell nature earthshock.png  Earth Shock — Erekem shocks a player with concussive force, inflicting Nature damage and interrupting their spell casting for 2 sec. 


Normal mode
Heroic mode



Free to—mm—fly now. Ra-aak... Not find us—ekh-ekh! Escape!
Not—caww—get in way of—rrak-rrak—flee!
Add dies
  • My---raaak—favorite! Awk awk awk! Raa-kaa!
  • Nasty little...A-ak, kaw! Kill! Yes, kill you!
Killing a Player
  • Kaw-Kaw!
  • Only strong, Aak, survive!
  • Precious life, Awk, wasted!
No—kaw, kaw—flee...

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

Erekem appears as one of the bosses that can be encountered in the Dalaran Heist single-player experience in the Rise of Shadows expansion for Hearthstone.

Notes and trivia

  • If your party wipes after defeating Erekem, he will be replaced with the Arakkoa Windwalker during subsequent attempts.
  • Erekem is voiced by Dave Mallow.

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