Image of Erudax
Title <The Duke of Below>
Gender Male
Race C'Thrax (Aberration)
Level 32-37 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lifebinder's Cell, Grim Batol
Status Killable

Erudax, the Duke of Below, is the fourth and final boss of Grim Batol.


Adventure Guide

Deathwing has dispatched one of his greatest lieutenants to discover the secret that several mighty red dragons have died to protect. From the cavernous realm of Deepholm, this faceless general will bring to bear the next generation of draconic power to obliterate those foolish enough to challenge him.


  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Binding Shadows Magic Effect — Erudax launches a mass of Binding Shadows at the location of a random player. When the shadows reach the targeted location, the shadows drain 3900 to 4100 life every 1 second and immobilize every player within 8 yards of the targeted location. Erudax heals for three times the amount of life drained by the shadows.
  • Ability warlock haunt.png  Enfeebling Blow Tank Alert — Erudax lashes out with an enfeebling blow, inflicting 75% of normal melee damage, the Feeble Body effect, and massively knocking back his current target.
    • Spell shadow twistedfaith.png  Feeble Body Tank Alert — The target of Enfeebling Blow is inflicted with Feeble Body, increasing the damage the player takes by 50% for 3 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadowfury.png  Shadow Gale — Erudax begins to gather shadows at a random location within his room, and then 5 seconds later that location becomes the eye of the Shadow Gale. Erudax channels the storm for 10 sec., and damage dealt to Erudax while channeling is increased by 100%. Players located within the eye of the storm take no damage, but the storm inflicts 2925 to 3075 Shadow damage every 1 second and increases their Shadow damage taken by 25% for 3 sec. The chaotic energy of the storm also increases the movement speed of players outside the eye by 50%.
  • Faceless Corruptor Important — After Erudax completes his channeling of the Shadow Gale, a Faceless Corrupter rushes into the room from the room's entrance hallway. The Faceless Corrupter ignores the players, moves to either the right or left side of the room, and begins to channel Twilight Corruption on one of Alexstrasza's Eggs.If the Faceless Corruptor successfully corrupts an egg, then two Twilight Hatchlings emerge from the egg and the Corruptor begins to attack the players. In Heroic Difficulty two Faceless Corrupters enter the room instead of one.
    • Ability warlock everlastingaffliction.png  Twilight Corruption — The Faceless Corruptor channels onto one of Alexstrasza's Eggs, draining 11% of the eggs life every 1 second for 10 sec. If the egg reaches zero remaining life, the egg hatches and two Twilight Hatchlings fly up into the air.
      • Alexstrasza's Egg — Faceless Corruptors channel Twilight Corruption on Alexstrasza's Eggs to create Twilight Hatchlings.
      • Twilight Hatchling — These newly created hatchlings periodically cast Twilight Blast on players.
        • Spell fire twilightflamebolt.png  Twilight Blast — A Twilight Hatchling blasts a random player below for 4875 to 5125 Shadow damage.
    • Spell shadow shadowmend.png  Umbral Mending Interruptible — After a Faceless Corruptor successfully corrupts an egg, it will cast Umbral Mending on Erudax. The mending spell heals Erudax for 20% of his maximum health.
    • Spell shadow lifedrain02.png  Siphon Essence — After a Faceless Corruptor successfully corrupts an egg, it will cast Siphon Essence on a random player and drain 5850 to 6150 life every 1 second for 4 sec. The Faceless Corruptor heals for three times the amount of damage dealt.
  • Spell shadow sacrificialshield.png  Shield of Nightmares Heroic Difficulty Magic Effect — Erudax shrouds all nearby Faceless Corruptors with the essence of nightmares for 4 sec. Any player that attacks or casts a harmful spell on a shrouded Faceless Corruptor causes the nightmares to manifest and immediately inflict 19500 to 20500 Shadow damage on every player.


Erudax periodically casts Binding Shadows at random party members; it is a projectile-based AoE attack that should be avoided if possible; the debuff it leaves behind roots and damages players, as well as healing the boss. Enfeebling Blow will knock back the tank and place a +damage taken debuff; the tank should avoid re-engaging Erunax until the debuff has faded.

Eventually, Erudax will announce a Shadow Gale (The shadow's hunger cannot be sated!), spawning a dark swirl somewhere within his room. Party members must move to the center of the swirl to avoid Shadow Gale's AoE damage. After Shadow Gale, a Faceless Corruptor (two on Heroic difficulty) will appear at the doorway. The Corruptors cannot be stunned, but should be snared and killed before they manage to hatch any eggs. Should they finish casting Twilight Corruption, two Twilight Hatchling adds will appear and do random party damage through out the remainder of the fight; if the corruptors are not killed immediately after that, they will also heal Erudax for 20/40% of his health. This can and should be interrupted.

It is imperative that the Corruptor adds die before hatching any eggs. Consider explicitly assigning DPS to specific adds to ensure that both are snared and killed within the desired time frame. Root effects do not work, but slow effects do. Crippling poison, slow, frostbolt, frost trap, and chains of ice all are effective.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Crown of Enfeebled Bodies]  [Crown of Enfeebled Bodies] Caster cloth helm
 [Vest of Misshapen Hides]  [Vest of Misshapen Hides] Agility leather chest
 [Mace of Transformed Bone]  [Mace of Transformed Bone] Tank one-hand mace
 [Bracers of Umbral Mending]  [Bracers of Umbral Mending] Spirit plate bracers
 [Circle of Bone]  [Circle of Bone] Strength ring
 [Staff of Siphoned Essences]  [Staff of Siphoned Essences] Caster staff
 [Corrupted Egg Shell]  [Corrupted Egg Shell] Caster trinket
 [Gale of Shadows]  [Gale of Shadows] Caster trinket
 [Mark of Khardros]  [Mark of Khardros] Strength trinket
 [Wild Hammer]  [Wild Hammer] Strength two-hand mace
 [Chaos Orb] Trade goods

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Objective of


The darkest days are still ahead!
Summoning Faceless Guardian
Come, suffering... Enter, chaos!
Shadow Gale
F'lakh ghet! The shadow's hunger cannot be sated!
Killing a player
  • Flesh for the offering!
  • Erudax cackles maniacally.
Ywaq maq oou; ywaq maq ssaggh. Yawq ma shg'fhn. ("They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle." This is untranslated in game, but the same text Herald Volazj says. Mindbender Ghur'sha also utters an abridged version of this line on death.)

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An "Eldritch Horror" in Hearthstone.


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