AllianceErwill Youngton
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation High-ranking member of Stormwind
Status Alive
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Erwill Youngton is a high-ranking member of the kingdom of Stormwind. Long before any of the Great Wars, its kingdom felt it was unable to do everything it wanted to within the law, and so Erwill secretly approached a thief in the prisons called Pathonia Shaw. She had been imprisoned repeatedly for theft, caught perhaps three times at most, and she was notorious for scores of high profile crimes. Youngton offered her clemency if she agreed to form a society to take care of Stormwind's dirty work quickly and cleanly. She agreed at once—and added that she would find a way to do it with a sense of style as well. The Stormwind Assassins began that day. With the agreement of Erwill Youngton, she combed the prisons for her fellow thieves to bring into the family, as they were called, and soon built a small force to serve the kingdom.[1]


  • Lands of Conflict mistakenly says Erwill served the Alliance before the Great Wars, something that would have not been possible as the Alliance was only founded after the First War.


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