Escaping the Tomb

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NeutralEscaping The Tomb
Start Akuno
End Mekeda
Level 64 (Requires 62)
Experience 10750
Reputation Lower City +250
Rewards  [Akuno's Blade] or  [Ancient Draenei Crest] or  [Mekeda's Gift] or  [Unearthed Orb]
5g 16s


Help Akuno find his way to the Refugee Caravan in Terokkar Forest. Speak to Mekeda after you've completed this quest.


I appreciate your help, <name>. I was certain I was going to be killed.

Let's get out of here with a hurry. It won't be long before more cultists come after us.


Yes, <name>?


You rescued Akuno, a dear friend of mine. For this I am in your debt, <name>.


You will be rewarded with:

  • Choose one of:

 [Akuno's Blade]  [Ancient Draenei Crest]  [Mekeda's Gift]  [Unearthed Orb]


This quest may be difficult to complete due to the very fast respawn rate of Shadow Tomb mobs. Also note that Akuno has a very fast health regeneration rate when not in combat, but he cannot be healed or buffed, so all mobs that attack him must be taken down quickly.