AllianceEstablishing New Outposts
Start Emissary Whitebeard
End Emissary Whitebeard
Level 60 (Requires 55)
Type PvP
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 9550
Rewards 90s
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [60P] Bolstering Our Defenses.


Capture Crown Guard Tower, Eastwall Tower, Northpass Tower and Plaguewood Tower in the Eastern Plaguelands, then return to Emissary Whitebeard at Light's Hope Chapel.

  • Capture Crown Guard Tower
  • Capture Eastwall Tower
  • Capture Northpass Tower
  • Capture Plaguewood Tower


Welcome to the Plaguelands, <name>. As you know, the Forsaken and their allies hold the lands to the west of here against our best efforts. The Alliance commanders have decided that here in the east, we will establish new fortifications to tighten the noose around our enemies.

Towers long abandoned since the days of Lordaeron are to be seized and rebuilt for this purpose. These lands are dangerous, and we could use your help.

In the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.


You will receive: 90s


Very good, <name>. It will be important for us to hold these towers against future attacks, and for that we may need your assistance until reinforcements can be brought in to secure the area.

Bonus For the Factions

Each tower gives a 1% damage increase against undead to all member of the controlling faction in the Eastern Plaguelands. If one faction controlls all four towers then it gets a 5% damage increase against undead.

Crown Guard Tower

The faction that controls Crown Guard Tower gains the use of the nearby graveyard.

Eastwall Tower

When Eastwall Tower is captured, a group of guards will spawn and help capture Northpass Tower if Northpass is in the hands of the other faction.

Northpass Tower

When Northpass Tower is captured a Shrine of Lordaeron will appear. Clicking on it will give the player a 5% health increase in Stratholme, Eastern Plaguelands and Scholomance.

Plaguewood Tower

When Plaguewood Tower is captured, a gryphon master will spawn and offer members of the controlling faction free rides to the other towers.


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