Establishing Superiority

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HordeEstablishing Superiority
Start Sergeant Kregga
End Sergeant Kregga
Level 80
Category Icecrown
Rewards  [Shock-Proof Head Protector],  [Hulking Horror Tunic],  [Gloves of the Mad Bomber] or  [Icewalker's Spikes]
7g 40s
Previous [Opportunity]
Next H [80] Blow it Up!


Sergeant Kregga at Icecrown Citadel wants you to slay 10 Hulking Horrors.


We've one shot at dealing some damage to this place—let's make sure we get it right.

We've acquired potent, Scourge-made, saronite bombs. But we must secure this area before we can set them off.

We're going to need to get the Scourge defenses under control quickly, before reinforcements arrive.

Help my men out and come back when you're ready for some fireworks.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 124.png [Shock-Proof Head Protector] Inv chest leather 03.png [Hulking Horror Tunic]
Inv gauntlets 11.png [Gloves of the Mad Bomber] Inv boots plate 01.png [Icewalker's Spikes]

You will also receive: 7g 40s


You made quick work of the Scourge, <name>. Let's finish what we came to do here.


  1. A [80] Exploiting an Opening / H [80] Opportunity
  2. A [80] Securing the Perimeter / H [80] Establishing Superiority
  3. A [80] Set it Off! / H [80] Blow it Up!
  4. N [80] A Short Fuse
  5. N [80] A Voice in the Dark
  6. N [80] Time to Hide
  7. A [80] Return to the Surface / H [80] Return to the Surface
  8. A [80] Field Repairs / H [80] Field Repairs

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