Eternal Forge

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The Eternal Forge

The Eternal Forge is an area of northern Bastion that serves as a center of production and assembly for many kyrian weapons used by the Ascended. Here, various forms of centurions are forged by the stewards to defend the realm against attack. The facility also hosts a shrine to the First Forgelite, in which sits the legendary hammer known as Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons.[1]


When the Forsworn rebellion began in Bastion, the dark kyrian seized control of the Eternal Forge and began using its potential to construct vast numbers of centurions for their war.[1] Many of the forge's stewards followed the orders of the Forsworn to create their weapons, although some others refused and were held captive.[2] Sika, in charge of the Great Forge in the absence of the Forgelite Prime, was unable to prevent it being turned into a factory for the dark kyrian. Under the direction of Overseer Atticus, the Forsworn used Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons to speed up production after looting it from the forge's shrine.

After the Crest of Ascension was shattered by Devos in Elysian Hold, the Forgelite Prime Mikanikos was tasked with building a new crest for the Ascended. To do this, he traveled to the Great Forge along with a Maw Walker allied to the kyrian and worked to wrest control of the area back from the Forsworn, while at the same time gathering the materials and tools needed for his work. After working with Sika to free captured stewards and getting the necessary reagents, Mikanikos was able to regain Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons once Overseer Atticus was slain. With the hammer, the Forgelite Prime put the finishing touches on a new and extremely powerful centurion goliath known as Bron, which was then unleashed on the Forsworn occupying the forge and their newly-made army.[3]

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