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This article is about the rulers of the Shadowlands. For the pantheon of the titans, see Pantheon. For the Warcraft RPG term for immortal beings, see Eternal.
Eternal Ones
Covenants of the Shadowlands
Three of the Eternal Ones (and Margrave Krexus) on the "Covenants of the Shadowlands" key art.
Faction/Affiliation Pantheon of Death
Racial capital The Crucible
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Pelagos Arbiter Pelagos
  Formerly IconSmall Arbiter The Arbiter †
IconSmall TheJailer2 Zovaal the Jailer †
Homeworld Shadowlands

The Eternal Ones (sometimes called the Eternals[1] or lords of death)[2][3][4] are the most powerful beings in the Shadowlands[5] and rule over the realm of Death. They founded four covenants for the purpose of carrying out the many duties required to maintain their respective realms, and each one rules over one of the six main realms of the Shadowlands: Kyrestia over the kyrian and Bastion, the Primus over the necrolords and Maldraxxus, the Winter Queen over the night fae and Ardenweald, Denathrius over the venthyr and Revendreth, the Arbiter over the attendants and Oribos, and Zovaal over the Mawsworn and the Maw, which does not have a covenant as it prefers to torture souls rather than work with them.[6]

Together, the Eternal Ones make up the Pantheon of Death.[6][7][8] They are one of several pantheons that were created by the First Ones to embody the six cosmic forces[9] and were created by the First Ones in their realm of Zereth Mortis.[10] Their physical bodies were forged in the Endless Foundry within the Sepulcher of the First Ones and then infused with souls. The Prototype Pantheon are a group of incomplete prototypes of them.[11] The Eternal Ones are forbidden from returning to Zereth Mortis according to the laws of the First Ones.[12] Long ago, each Eternal One was given a sigil symbolizing their covenant's purpose.[13] Zovaal served as the original Arbiter, until he betrayed the rest of the pantheon. Led by the Primus, they united against him, imprisoned him in the Maw, and created a new Arbiter to replace him.[13][14]

The pantheon's traditional meeting place is the Crucible atop Oribos.[5] The pillar where Zovaal once stood has since been broken.

At least some attendants pray to the Eternal Ones like deities.[15]

Known Eternal Ones[]

Name Realm Faction Description Status
IconSmall Kyrestia Kyrestia the Firstborne Bastion Kyrian Archon of the kyrian, whose duty is to ferry souls across the veil to Oribos. Active
IconSmall Pelagos Arbiter Pelagos Oribos Attendants Arbiter of all mortal souls entering the Shadowlands. Took the place of the destroyed second Arbiter. Active
IconSmall Primus The Primus Maldraxxus Necrolords Ruler of the necrolords, who defend the Shadowlands from outside threats. Legendary tactician, weaponsmith, and creator of necromantic rune magic and Domination magic. Long went missing due to being imprisoned by the Jailer and turned into the Runecarver before being freed by Maw Walkers. Active
IconSmall WinterQueen The Winter Queen Ardenweald Night Fae Queen of the night fae, who ensure the rebirth of deceased Wild Gods and nature spirits. Sister and counterpart to Elune. Active
IconSmall Arbiter The Arbiter[16][17] Oribos Attendants The judge of all mortal souls that entered the Shadowlands. Constructed to replace Zovaal and later destroyed by him. Destroyed
IconSmall Denathrius Sire Denathrius Revendreth Venthyr Sire of the venthyr, who are responsible for redeeming sinful souls, and the nathrezim, who were created to infiltrate the other cosmic forces. Betrayed the rest of the pantheon to side with the Jailer. Replaced as ruler of Revendreth by Court of Harvesters collectively. Active
IconSmall TheJailer2 Zovaal the Jailer The Maw Mawsworn Originally the Arbiter, but betrayed the rest of the pantheon and was sentenced to become the Jailer of the irredeemable souls trapped in the Maw. Tried to use the knowledge in the Sepulcher of the First Ones to remake reality but was defeated by the Maw Walkers. Deceased


  • Lead designer Morgan Day described the Eternal Ones as being on par with the titans.[16] Art director Ely Cannon described the Winter Queen as "something kind of right below [a titan]".[18] Game director Ion Hazzikostas said that the end boss of Shadowlands, Zovaal, needed to be "titan-level"[19] or "titan plus plus level", like Argus and N'Zoth for, respectively, Legion and Battle for Azeroth, implying he was being metaphorical rather than literal.[20] Zovaal is apparently more powerful than the rest of the pantheon, since all of his kin needed to unite to banish him.[7]
  • If a player dies and resurrects in the Maw, they temporarily gain the Ability priest spiritoftheredeemer [Edict of the Eternal Ones] buff.
  • The Archon refers to the Sire as "our" brother,[21] the Primus refers to the Jailer as "our" brother,[22] and the Jailer refers to himself as the Archon's brother,[23] but the Winter Queen refers to the Primus as an "old friend"[24] and to Elune as her sister.[25]
  • After a bug enabled a warlock player's Doomguard to kill Kyrestia the Firstborne within the Spires of Ascension, the message "As the Archon perishes, all life in the zone is wiped out!" was displayed.[26] This seems to suggest that the death of an Eternal One destroys their corresponding realm. However, since the message could only be triggered by exploiting a bug, it is likely a remnant of a scrapped earlier version of the encounter and its canonicity is uncertain.
  • In N [60] The Looming Dark, Prince Renathal represents the Venthyr Covenant in place of the traitorous Denathrius, but no one represents the missing Primus or the Necrolord Covenant. In N [60] Voices of the Eternal, Baroness Draka represents the Necrolords.
  • The four governing zones of the Shadowlands have aristocratic secondary leadership. The Winter Queen has the Court of Night, Sire Denathrius has the Court of Harvesters, the Primus has the margraves of the five houses, and the Archon has the Paragons of the five temples. The Arbiter is served by attendants of various ranks. The Maw's hierarchy below the Jailer is unclear, though he does have Sylvanas Windrunner and Helya acting as primary lieutenants.



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