This article is about rulers of the Shadowlands realms. For the Pantheon of the titans, see Pantheon. For the RPG immortal beings term, see Eternal.

The Eternal Ones form the Pantheon of Death[1][2] (or lords of death),[3] a council that established and rules the Shadowlands. They each lead a Covenant which governs a realm, maintaining the machine of Death.[4]

They are somehow related to the First Ones.[1]


Name Realm Faction Description Status
IconSmall Arbiter.gif The Arbiter[4] Oribos Attendants The judge of all the dead destined for the Shadowlands, capable of creating new realms for souls as needed, in accordance with the Purpose, constructed to replace Zovaal. Vanished
IconSmall Kyrestia.gif Archon Kyrestia the Firstborne Bastion Kyrian sigil.png Kyrian The leader of the kyrian, whose foremost duty is to watch over the veil and ferry souls to the Shadowlands when they are destined to die. Active
IconSmall WinterQueen.gif The Winter Queen Ardenweald Night Fae sigil.png Night Fae The queen of the groves of each dream tree in Ardenweald, ensuring Wild Gods return to their homes in reality. She is the sister of Elune. Active
IconSmall Denathrius.gif Sire Denathrius Revendreth Venthyr sigil.png Venthyr The (allegedly) once-noble Master of Revendreth and Sire of the venthyr and nathrezim, who once diligently worked to redeem souls of their sins in a final attempt for them to avoid the Maw. He betrayed the other Eternal Ones and his own realm, working with the Jailer. Imprisoned
IconSmall Primus.gif The Primus Maldraxxus Necrolord sigil.png Necrolords The creator of Maldraxxus and leader of the Necrolords. Formerly imprisoned by the Jailer after hiding in sigil in Korthia, turned into the Runecarver through Domination magic, which he had inscribed into Zovaal after his betrayal in the first place.[5] Active
IconSmall TheJailer.gif Zovaal the Jailer The Maw Mawsworn Once the original Arbiter of the Eternal Ones before he was banished for his attempt to steal their sigils by force, he has managed to escape his chains and turn them into weapons, taking his sigil back, and absorbing her essence. He desires to see Death conquer the cosmos. Active


  • For each Eternal Ones' inspiration, check each of their pages.
  • Their power level was described as titan-like.[4]
  • In the Escape from the Maw, the player may receive the Edict of the Eternal Ones buff.
  • The Archon refers to the Sire as "our" brother,[6] and the Primus refers to the Jailer as "our" brother,[7] and the Jailer refers to himself as the Archon's brother,[8] but the Winter Queen refers to the Primus as a "dear friend".[9]
  • After a bug enabled a warlock player's Doomguard to kill Kyrestia the Firstborne within the Spires of Ascension, she declared "As the Archon perishes, all life in the zone is wiped out!"[10] This seems to suggest that the death of an eternal one destroys their corresponding realm.
  • After the events of N [60] The Master of Lies, Prince Renathal is the representative of the Venthyr Covenant to the Eternal Ones, replacing Denathrius when summoned before the Arbiter. Though the Primus has disappeared, nobody represented him or the Necrolord Covenant in the meeting. Likewise, Tal-Inara speaks on behalf of the Arbiter while she is inactive.
    • In a later meeting, Draka appears as the Necrolord representative.
  • The four governing zones of the Shadowlands have aristocratic secondary leadership. The Winter Queen has the Court of Night, Sire Denathrius has the Court of Harvesters, the Primus has the Margraves, and the Archon has the Paragons. The Arbiter has a Voice, two Wills, a Vision, and various Hands and Shields as Attendants. The Maw's hierarchy below the Jailer is unclear, though he does have Sylvanas Windrunner and Helya acting as primary lieutenants.