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NeutralThe Ethereum
Ethereum Staging Grounds
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Ethereal Nexus-King Salhadaar †
IconSmall Ethereal Nexus-Prince Bilaal †[1]
IconSmall Ethereal Saprish †
Race(s) Ethereal Ethereal
Base of operations Ethereum Staging Grounds
Theater of operations Netherstorm, Twisting Nether, Coldarra
Sub-group(s) Bash'ir
Affiliation Independent
  Formerly Burning Legion, Blue dragonflight
Status Active

The Ethereum are a faction of ethereals who once served as the ruling class of K'aresh, the ethereals' homeworld. They swore vengeance upon Dimensius the All-Devouring after he consumed their world. Since then, they have grown dark and twisted, with vengeance becoming their only recourse they have become ruthless. Several of the Nexus-Princes of the Ethereum council abandoned the Ethereum to form other groups and factions with different goals, such as the Consortium, and the Protectorate who believes that the Ethereum have become as great a threat as Dimensius.[2]

Seeking to use the manaforges of Netherstorm to "become void",[3] the Ethereum's efforts were thwarted by the Protectorate. They later allied with the blue dragonflight in Northrend during the Nexus War. During the Burning Legion's third invasion, they assaulted the Nexus.

Ethereum members glow with red or shadowy energies rather than blue.[4]


The Ethereum were once the ruling class of ethereal on their homeworld, K'aresh. Shortly before Dimensius the All-Devouring unleashed his void armies upon the world, the ethereals were forced to evacuate K'aresh, after which the Ethereum vowed vengeance against Dimensius. They have been tracking the void lord ever since.[2]

However, the Ethereum have since grown "dark... twisted". Vengeance has become their only recourse and any that would stand in their way or not join their cause are considered enemies. Many ethereals saw that the Ethereum were plummeting into madness and left. Several of the Nexus-Princes of the Ethereum council abandoned the Ethereum to form other groups and factions with different goals, such as the Consortium and the Protectorate, the latter of which was formed to serve as opponents to the Ethereum.[2]


Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

In Outland, it is discovered that the Ethereum seek not only to hunt Dimensius, but to become void. They are manipulating void energy at Manaforge Ultris in Netherstorm to bond their own energy into "nexus-stalkers".[5]

Other than Netherstorm, Ethereum members can also be found in Blade's Edge Mountains and the Arcatraz. The Bash'ir are an Ethereum group in Blade's Edge using Ethereum Prisons and Ethereum Stasis Chambers to capture different creatures.

Ultimately, the Ethereum came under assault by both the Alliance and the Horde at the behest of the Consortium. Not only were their operations in Blade's Edge and Netherstorm stopped, but their leader, Nexus-King Salhadaar was killed as well. Following their leader's death, a group of Ethereum aided Kael'thas Sunstrider and the Burning Legion in the Magister's Terrace, likely led by Yazzai. When heroes entered the Terrace to put an end to the Sun King, these Ethereum shared the same fate as their fallen Nexus-King while defending Kael'thas.


Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Following the defeat of the forces in Outland and on the Isle of Quel'Danas, the Ethereum sent a small force to Northrend. Though their motives were unclear, it is known that Wind Trader Mu'fah of the Ethereum and Goramosh of the blue dragonflight were able to work out an accord. Though apparently joining the blue dragonflight in the Nexus War, the Ethereum haven't actively participated in it, except for the Wind Trader's involvement.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

It is revealed that in exchange for their aid in the Nexus War, Malygos had promised the Ethereum access to the blue dragonflight's treasures within the Nexus, as it was negotiated in the accord between Goramosh and Mu'fah several years earlier. The Ethereum seeks to become an unstoppable force--to become void,[1] and they are using the surge needles in Coldarra to bore into the Twisting Nether and call up void energies.[6] After Nexus-Prince Bilaal is defeated by an adventurer and Azuregos, Azuregos remains in the Nexus so that it will not fall into the wrong hands again.[7]

The title of Saprish is "Ethereum-Lord of the Shadowguard" hinting at a connection between the Ethereum and the Shadowguard.



Name Role Status Location
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Nexus-King Salhadaar Leader Killable Ethereum Staging Grounds, Netherstorm
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Nexus-Prince Bilaal Leader Killable The Rift, The Nexus
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Bash'ir Presumed leader of the Bash'ir Killable Bash'ir Landing, Blade's Edge Mountains
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Captain Zovax Captain Killable Ethereum Staging Grounds, Netherstorm
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Nexus-Prince Razaan Leader of the Razaani Killable Razaan's Landing, Blade's Edge Mountains
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Warden Icoshock In charge of the prison cells at the Ethereum Staging Grounds Killable Ethereum Staging Grounds, Netherstorm
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Wind Trader Mu'fah Ambassador to the blue dragonflight Killable Moonrest Gardens, Dragonblight
Mob IconSmall Ethereal Saprish Ethereum-Lord of the Shadowguard Killable Seat of the Triumvirate, Eredath


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