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Ethereum Prison

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Ethereum Prisons are energy spheres around the Ethereum Staging Grounds. These spheres require an  [Ethereum Prison Key] which can be obtained as random drop from any ethereal (including those in zones other than Netherstorm) but is thought to be a higher drop-rate from the Ethereum mobs (approximately 3% drop rate). The Ethereum Jailor, which spawns approximately every 15 minutes in Netherstorm around Manaforge Ultris has approximately 90% drop rate of the  [Ethereum Prison Key].

Note that the prerequisite for any  [Ethereum Prison Key] to drop in the first place is that one has to be honored with the Consortium and has to have completed the quest N [70] A Mission of Mercy. If one does not meet those prerequisites the  [Ethereum Prison Key] will not drop and one will not be able to roll on it if it drops within a party.

When a Prison is opened, either a friendly mob will come out and give rep, or a level 71 non-elite hostile mob will come out. The hostile mobs have a guaranteed drop of  [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag] which can be turned in as a repeatable quest for 250 rep. They also have a guaranteed drop of a uncommon (green-quality) or better item. The uncommon items are level 70 BoE's, however there is a chance of BoP rare (blue-quality) items.

Known friendly mob factions are:

Known hostile mobs

They are a guaranteed drop of an uncommon or better item. A shared loot table of a number of rare resist cloak and rings which can drop:

Possible mods for the resist cloaks and rings:

  • of Agility - +17 Agility
  • of Healing - +17 Healing
  • of Magic - +19 Spell Damage and Healing
  • of Power - +34 Attack Power
  • of Strength - +17 Strength

Each random mob also has a rare drop specific to them: