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  • Ethereum Prison Key
  • Use: Unlocks Ethereum prisons.

Ethereum Prison Keys are keys used to open an Ethereum Prison.


For the Ethereum Prison Keys to drop or allow one to roll on them within a party, one has to be honored with the Consortium and has to have completed the quest N [70] A Mission of Mercy.

If those prerequisites are not met the Ethereum Prison Key will not drop nor can one roll on them when they drop while within a party.


Once the prerequisites are met, the Ethereum Prison Key drops off:

Ethereum mobs in the Arcatraz
Ethereal mobs in the Mana-Tombs
Ethereum mobs around Manaforge Ultris
Zaxxis mobs in and around The Heap
Bash'ir mobs in Bash'ir Landing

Note that the Ethereum Jailor around Manaforge Ultris in particular has a 100% drop rate of the Ethereum Prison Key.

As of Patch 2.3 a Ethereum Prison Key can be obtained by completing the (Non-Heroic) Daily Dungeon Quest given by Nether-Stalker Mah'duun. The key is rewarded regardless of the above mentioned prerequisites.


Ethereum Prison Key can be used to open an Ethereum Prison.

For those with Revered or better reputation with Consortium, 5 such keys can be turned in to obtain an  [Ethereum Stasis Chamber Key] which is used to open a chamber in Blade's Edge Mountains.

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