NeutralEthereum Secrets
Start Commander Ameer
End Commander Ameer
Level 25-30
Type Group
Category Netherstorm
Reputation Consortium +250
Rewards 4g 40s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [25-30] A Mission of Mercy
Next N [25-30] A Thousand Worlds

Ethereum Secrets is a repeatable quest granting 250 Consortium reputation. It involves farming for a  [Ethereum Prison Key] then opening an Ethereum Prison, killing the level 70 non-elite who spawns and looting the  [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag].

You will only need to complete this quest once to continue the chain. However, only after you have Revered reputation with the Consortium does the next quest in the chain, N [25-30] A Thousand Worlds, become available.


Commander Ameer at the Protectorate Watch Post in Netherstorm wants you to bring him an Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag.


<Ameer holds up a tag.>

I found this prisoner I.D. tag with the remains of the fallen vanguard. I can only assume that all of their prisoners are tagged in the same manner.

I'm going to start cataloguing the tags in hopes of making sense of their penal system. If in your adventures you find more Ethereum prison keys, you can use them to open the Ethereum Prison at the Ethereum Staging Grounds - directly south of here. Bring me back any and all I.D. tags that you find.



Have you recovered any I.D tags?


It seems to be more than just an identifier. There is some sort of code written on these tags. I'm on the verge of breaking it wide open. Perhaps if I had a few more pieces.



  • Kill ethereals, such as the ones at the Ethereum Staging Grounds, until the  [Ethereum Prison Key] drops. Use the key on the Ethereum Prisons [55, 40] to release a level 71 mob. Kill the mob to loot the  [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag].
  • A great place for farming Ethereum Prison Keys is just south of Area 52, roughly 30,77. The Zaxxis Raiders and Stalkers spawn very quickly and in large numbers. Not only do they drop Ethereum Prison Keys, but they also drop Zaxxis Insignias at a 55% drop rate (according to thottbot), which can be turned in 10 per 250 Consortium Reputation.

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