Ethereum Staging Grounds

Ethereum Staging Grounds [55, 42] is a large area of the southwestern part of the Manaforge Ultris island in eastern Netherstorm. It is full of Ethereum ethereals who form a front against the nearby Protectorate Watch Post.

As of patch 2.1.0:

Players in good standing with the Consortium will be tasked to deal with the most recent activities of the nefarious Ethereum. With new quests, items, and content for the solo and small-group level 70 player, the Ethereum Prison will be the proving grounds for many aspiring to greatness.

Those with Honored or higher reputation with the Consortium can start a quest chain which begins with the quest N [25-30] Seek Out Ameer in Stormspire. This leads to opening Ethereum Prisons in Netherstorm and Ethereum Stasis Chambers in Blade's Edge Mountains. And eventually leads to being able to summon an additional boss, Yor, in Mana-Tombs.

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