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Hungry Ettin
An ettin in Hearthstone.
Faction/Affiliation Independent, Twilight's Hammer (Old Gods' forces), Horde
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Cho'gall Cho'gall (Twilight's Hammer)
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Eastern Kingdoms, Broken Isles, Kul Tiras

Ettins are a race of two-headed giants found in several highland areas around the Eastern Kingdoms, mostly in the Twilight Highlands, the Redridge Mountains and the hills and forests of Gilneas and Silverpine. They are also found in Highmountain on the Broken Isles and in Kul Tiras.

The ettins of Silverpine came from Gilneas, and now wander the land searching for their next juicy meal, though the Forsaken have managed to subjugate and utilize some of them to haul their wagons throughout the forest.[1] Many ettins have also been enslaved or recruited by the Twilight's Hammer cult.

The ettins of Highmountain seem to operate under some sort of hierarchy above their already existing tribal network, as Hill Prince Urgo, like his father before him, was destined to be the lord of all the hill ettin tribes in Highmountain.[2] They build armor from stolen Gilneas houses and Suramar ruins, and some forge their own armor. The ettin of Highmountain eat tauren that have been cooked over bonfires.[3]

The skin of an ettin is thicker than that of a dragon, and half as pliable.[4]



Darunga, a typical ettin.

Name Role Affiliation Status Location
Mob IconSmall Ettin Blindeye the Guardian Guardian of the Elementium Axe Twilight's Hammer Killable Altar of Ascension, Twilight Highlands
Mob IconSmall Ettin Darunga Led the attack on Dunwald Twilight's Hammer Killable Dunwald Town Square, Twilight Highlands
Mob IconSmall Ettin Dormus the Camel-Hoarder Camel hoarder Independent Killable Steam Pools, Feralas
Boss IconSmall Ettin Drugon the Frostblood Terror of Highmountain Independent Killable Highmountain
Boss IconSmall Ettin Forgemaster Throngus Twilight's Hammer smith Twilight's Hammer Killable Khardros' Anvil, Grim Batol
Mob IconSmall Ettin Gadoon Gilnean hill-lord captured by Garrosh Hellscream Independent Killable Brawl'gar Arena
Boss IconSmall Ettin Halfus Wyrmbreaker Captures dragons for use in Twilight's Hammer rituals Twilight's Hammer Killable Wyrmbreaker's Rookery, Twilight Highlands
Mob IconSmall Ettin Korok the Colossus Bane of hundreds of Forsaken soldiers Independent Killable Northern Headlands, Ruins of Gilneas
Mob IconSmall Ettin Koroth the Hillbreaker Leader of a group of ogres in Gilneas Himself Killable Koroth's Den, Gilneas
Mob IconSmall Ettin Problim Wreaking havoc on Tol Barad Independent Killable Tol Barad
Mob IconSmall Ettin Thartuk the Exile Unknown Unknown Killable Mount Hyjal
Mob IconSmall Ettin Thudchop Trunksmasher Unknown Independent Killable Suramar
Mob IconSmall Ettin Durguth <King of the Hill> Leader of the ettins at the Path of Huln Himself Killable Path of Huln, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Hill Prince Morg Sub-leader of the ettins at the Path of Huln Durguth Killable Path of Huln, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Hill Prince Ruggu Sub-leader of the ettins at the Path of Huln Durguth Killable Path of Huln, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Hill Prince Urgo Sub-leader of the ettins at the Path of Huln Durguth Killable Path of Huln, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Elfbane Possible leader of the ettins in Koralune Independent Killable Ambervale, Suramar
Mob IconSmall Ettin Oubdob da Smasher Unknown Independent Killable Greystone, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Gurbog da Basher Unknown Independent Killable Sunfrost Glade, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Gornoth the Lost Unknown Independent Killable The Witchwood, Highmountain
Mob IconSmall Ettin Grokkfist Leader of the ettins in Sprucewood[5] Himself Killable Sprucewood, Stormsong Valley


Furious Ettin

Another ettin in Hearthstone.


In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The ettin also appear in Manual of Monsters Appendix Three with the following description:

Ettins are two-headed giants who tower over normal humans. These creatures were the necromancers' first attempt at creating the feared abominations, but they proved too stupid and dangerous to be used even as shock troops for the Lich King's soldiers. Some of them escaped annihilation and have created a few villages. Their mud-and-dung hovels clump together against ravines and in other barren places, and ettins spend their time trying to figure out the nature of fire. Because it seems so difficult, they often prefer to eat their orc raw.

Ettins live in the mountains and valleys of Azeroth, preferring to keep far from civilization. In order to do so, they often inhabit the most desolate and barren territories -- literally, the land no one else wants. Still, ettins make their living not only from hunting but also from primitive agrarian efforts.

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