NeutralEugene Barnaclewatcher
Image of Eugene Barnaclewatcher
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Beast)
Level 1
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Drunk Tank, Drustvar
Status Alive

Eugene Barnaclewatcher is a druid located in the Drunk Tank in Drustvar.


  • Malfurion sent word that the Burning Legion is attacking the Broken Shore!
  • Soon as I finish my drink, I'm gonna get over there and help them out with that.
  • Cheers everyone!
  • There I was, trapped in a huge vat of Stormstout Ale!
  • I didn't panic, I just swam around and kept drinking.
  • Drink up!
  • A couple dwarven breweries would really improve Moonglade.
  • Another round for my friends.
  • Not a single decent Stout in the Dreamgrove. That's why I never go there.
  • The boat went down, people drowning everywhere, thirty kegs of Tiragarde rum headded for the bottom.
  • I got right to work, saved every keg of rum!
  • Tyrande and I were a couple before I met Mildred here.

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