Evacuation Effort

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NeutralEvacuation Effort
Start Justicar Mariel Trueheart [71.1, 22.0]
End Justicar Mariel Trueheart [71.1, 22.0]
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Type Daily
Category Death Rising
Experience 6,800
Reputation +75 Argent Crusade
Rewards 3x [Argent Commendation]
23g 40s
Previous N [50] Advancing the Effort
Death Rising.png

The subject of this article or section was part of Death Rising, a world event that heralded the opening of the Shadowlands.


Rescue 6 allies in the Valley of Lost Hope. Kill 6 Scourge in the area.

  • Allies rescued (6)
  • Scourge attackers slain (6)


Our forces are in danger, and the fault is my own. Believing that the surrounding area was safe, I sent a small team to secure the abandoned camp in the valley to the southwest.

But our field reports were outdated or mistaken. The camp is a lost cause. We must now focus on rescuing those whom I assigned to it.

Head for the camp. Do what you can to save our allies.


You will receive:


Are there any survivors?


Thank you, <name>. Your efforts have saved many lives.

From here on out, I will ensure that our scouting reports are accurate and up to date. It seems the threats we face escalate with each passing day.


Head southwest to the First Legion Forward Camp. Kill Darksworn Spotters, Risen Skeletons, and Scavenging Geists, and interact with wounded Argent Sentries and Argent Recruits to heal them and send them flying off on hippogryphs. When rescued, the Argent forces say one of the following:

  • Be quick! It's not safe here.
  • Fall back!
  • It all happened so fast.
  • Take care of yourself out here.
  • Thank you.


PTR version

The fault is my own. In haste, I sent a small team to secure the dormant camp in the valley to the southwest. Our reports suggested the area was free from immediate danger, but I assure you this was not the case.
In an effort to establish greater control over the area, I may have put countless lives in danger. Our only hope now is recovery.
Head to the camp. Do what you can to rescue our allies.
Making progress?
Thank you, <name>. Your efforts have saved many.
I will personally see to it our strategies are examined before we let something like this happen again.

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