Type Outpost
Race(s) Night elfNight elf Night elf
TaurenTauren Tauren
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome
Dryad Dryad
Keeper of the grove Keeper of the grove
HumanHuman Human
Ancient Ancient
Language(s) Common, Darnassian, Dwarven, Taur-ahe, Gnomish
Affiliation(s) Cenarion Expedition
Location Blade's Edge Mountains[61, 39]
Status Active

Done Inn          Done Mailbox

Undone.gif Stables

Undone.gif Anvil & Forge

Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

Evergrove is a Cenarion Expedition outpost located in Ruuan Weald in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Unlike the other outposts belonging to the Cenarion expedition in Outland, this outpost is manned almost entirely by night elves. All available services, including a flight point (Located at [61, 39]), are offered to both Horde and Alliance.

Travel connections


Alliance Sylvanaar
Alliance Toshley's Station
Horde Thunderlord Stronghold
Neutral Area 52


Flight paths

City Zone Direction Cost Flight time
NeutralArea 52 Netherstorm East 7s 10c
Alliance Toshley's Station Blade's Edge Mountains South 5s 10c
Alliance Sylvanaar Blade's Edge Mountains Southwest 5s 10c

Patch changes

  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.1.0 (2007-05-22):
    • An Inn and mailbox have been added to Evergrove in Blades Edge Mountains.
    • New flight path added: Evergrove ←→ Toshley's Station
    • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.0.3 (2007-01-09): Added.

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