MobEverstill murlocs
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) MurlocMurloc Murloc
Character classes Nightcrawler, Scout, Tidecaller
Capital Lake Everstill
Theater of operations Redridge Mountains
Language(s) Nerglish
Affiliation Independent
Status Active

The Everstill murlocs[1] are murlocs living in Lake Everstill in the Redridge Mountains. When they raided the nearby Lakeshire during the Cataclysm, the town put a bounty on them.[2]


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Once, Murky's cousin Merla got lost and ended up with the Everstill murlocs. She had a tadpole that remained here.

At some point after the Cataclysm, hoping to gain allies in their fight against Highlord Xaraax and the rescue of Aramar and Greydon Thornes in Hellfire Peninsula, Murky hoped his familial connection would convince the murlocs to assist Makasa Flintwill.[1] Murky was successful because the murlocs were impressed by his heroic exploits as Murky the Unstung, and every available murloc in fighting form agreed to help, amassing in the hills where their transport to the Blasted Lands, the Cloudkicker, awaited, and soon it was filled with murlocs in their finest armor, spears, and nests. Similarly to Murky, they, too, wanted glory, and it couldn't be reached by harassing the humans of Lakeshire.

Everybody was transported to the Dark Portal valley where they were introduced to Makasa's Kalimdor various allies. They soon reached the Hidden citadel where they awaited in brambles for Murky's signal through a conch to swarm the demons inside. They were joined by One-Eye and her wyvern cubs, Elmarine, and Telagos. Makasa's army was eventually triumphant.[3]



  • A 6-year-old Aramar searched the lake for signs of murlocs and orcs who he thought took his father, Greydon.[4]