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Evoker abilities are abilities used by evokers. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.


All evokers automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization.

Ability Level
Ability evoker azurestrike [Azure Strike] 58
Ability evoker livingflame [Living Flame] 58
Inv misc scales dragonblue03 [Tempered Scales] 58
Ability evoker return [Return] 59
Ability evoker blessingofthebronze [Blessing of the Bronze] 60
Ability evoker furyoftheaspects [Fury of the Aspects] 60
Ability evoker disintegrate [Disintegrate] N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Awaken, Dracthyr
Ability evoker firebreath [Fire Breath] N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] The Fire Within
Ability evoker emeraldblossom [Emerald Blossom] N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Mercy First
Ability evoker hover [Hover] N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Never Forgotten
Ability evoker deepbreath [Deep Breath] N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Stormsunder Crater


Evokers have three specializations: Devastation (caster DPS), Preservation (healing), and Augmentation (caster DPS/support).

For a summary of the character and strengths of each spec, see Evoker specializations.


Talents become available after leaving the Forbidden Reach. They can be changed at any time outside of combat, except during a PvP match or Mythic+ dungeon. A talented ability cannot be changed while it is on cooldown.

Row 5 is locked until 8 points are spent, and row 8 is locked until 20 points are spent.

Class talents[]

Tier Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Ability earthen pillar [Landslide] 1 Automatic for Devastation/Augmentation
Inv artifact dragonscales [Obsidian Scales] 1 Automatic for Augmentation
Ability evoker fontofmagic green [Expunge] 1 Automatic for Preservation
2 Spell frost frostblast [Natural Convergence] 1 Landslide
Spell frost coldhearted [Permeating Chill] 1 Obsidian Scales
Ability evoker rescue [Verdant Embrace] 1 Expunge
3 Ability earthen pillar [Forger of Mountains] 1 Natural Convergence
Ability evoker innatemagic4 [Innate Magic] 2 Natural Convergence OR Permeating Chill
Inv shield 1h revenantfire d 01 [Obsidian Bulwark] 1 Permeating Chill
Ability evoker livingflame [Enkindled] 2 Permeating Chill OR Verdant Embrace
Inv bijou red [Scarlet Adaptation] 1 Verdant Embrace
4 Ability evoker quell [Quell] 1 Natural Convergence OR Innate Magic
Ability evoker recall [Recall] 1 Innate Magic
Ability racial wingbuffet [Heavy Wingbeats]/
Ability racial tailswipe [Clobbering Sweep]
1 Innate Magic OR Enkindled
Ability skyreach wind [Tailwind] 1 Enkindled
Ability evoker fontofmagic red [Cauterizing Flame] 1 Verdant Embrace OR Enkindled
5 Inv elemental mote fire01 [Ancient Flame] 1 Quell
Spell arcane studentofmagic [Instinctive Arcana] 2 Quell
Ability evoker tipthescales [Tip the Scales] 1
Ability rogue imrovedrecuperate [Attuned to the Dream] 2 Cauterizing Flame
Ability xavius dreamsimulacrum [Sleep Walk] 1 Cauterizing Flame
6 Spell frost manarecharge [Regenerative Magic] 1 Instinctive Arcana
Inv misc rubysanctum1 [Inherent Resistance] 2 Recall OR Tip the Scales
Inv helm mail dracthyrquest b 02 [Draconic Legacy] 1 Tip the Scales
Ability evoker hover [Extended Flight] 2 Tailwind OR Tip the Scales
Ability evoker emeraldblossom [Bountiful Bloom] 1 Attuned to the Dream
7 Ability evoker firebreath [Blast Furnace] 1 Regenerative Magic OR Inherent Resistance
Ability evoker hover2 [Exuberance] 1 Inherent Resistance
Ability evoker blue 01 [Source of Magic] 1 Draconic Legacy
Inv misc monsterscales 06 [Walloping Blow] 1 Extended Flight
Ability druid protectionofthegrove [Panacea] 1 Extended Flight OR Bountiful Bloom
8 Ability evoker unravel [Unravel] 1 Blast Furnace
Ability evoker azurestrike [Protracted Talons] 1 Blast Furnace
Ability evoker oppressingroar [Oppressing Roar] 1 Blast Furnace OR Exuberance OR Source of Magic
Spell magic managain [Potent Mana] 1 Source of Magic
Ability evoker flywithme [Rescue] 1 Source of Magic OR Walloping Blow OR Panacea
Inv staff 2h bloodelf c 01 [Lush Growth] 2 Panacea
Ability evoker masterylifebinder red [Renewing Blaze] 1 Panacea
9 Spell fire flare [Leaping Flames] 1 Unravel OR Protracted Talons OR Oppressing Roar
Ability evoker oppressingroar2 [Overawe] 1 Oppressing Roar
Ability evoker aerialmastery [Aerial Mastery] 1 Oppressing Roar OR Potent Mana OR Rescue
Ability skyreach shielded [Twin Guardian] 1 Rescue
Spell fire incinerate [Foci of Life]/
Item sparkofragnoros [Fire Within]
1 Renewing Blaze
10 Ability evoker terroroftheskies [Terror of the Skies] 1 Leaping Flames
Ability evoker timespiral [Time Spiral] 1 Aerial Mastery
Ability evoker hoverblack [Zephyr] 1 Twin Guardian OR Foci of Life/Fire Within

Specialization talents[]

PvP talents[]

PvP talents are available upon character creation. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time.

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.

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