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NeutralExarch Naielle
No image available
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Hunter
Affiliation(s) Rangari
Occupation Exarch
Location Unknown
Status Unknown

Exarch Naielle was the leader of Rangari. She led her followers by example, spending most of her time in the wilds with the other scouts.[1]


Naielle Argus

Naielle as a child.

As a child, Naielle lived in Eredath on Argus. An echo of her can still be found there, watching a jed'hin match at the Circle of Aspirants. She animatedly mimics the motions of the competitors.


Following the fight with the darkened naaru K'ara, Prophet Velen's visions became uncertain. His judgement was no longer without fault, and Velen believed that it would be disastrous if he were the only leader among his people. Thus, a council of sages that would oversee different aspects of draenei culture was created and Naielle was chosen as one of these "exarchs" to lead the recently formed Rangari. Their task was gathering valuable intelligence about the lay of the land, in order to use it for their advantage.[2]

Naielle's fate is unknown.


  • As seen from their echoes in Eredath, Naielle was the youngest member of the Council of Exarchs, being the only one of them to be a child on Argus. This doesn't count Exarch Maladaar, who doesn't appear as an echo on Argus at all and so his age cannot be determined.

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