Not to be confused with Exile's Reach.
NeutralExile's Rise
Exile's Rise.jpg
Type Village
Leader(s)  Rulkan
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orc Orc
Language(s) Orcish
Faith(s) Shamanism
Affiliation(s) Shadowmoon Exiles
Location Mount Kra'gor, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Active
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

Exile's Rise (or Palemoon Village)[1] is a settlement located on Mount Kra'gor. The Shadowmoon Exiles led by Rulkan have made this village their home after splitting from Ner'zhul and his followers. The Shadowmoon's broken Ancestral Totem is located below the village; carved upon it was the name of every member of the Shadowmoon clan since its founding. Ner'zhul broke the stone when he agreed to join the Iron Horde, forswearing all loyalty to his ancestors.[2]



  • During the early stages of beta, the area was called Palemoon Village[3][4] and Windreaver's Rise. Rulga was present in Palemoon Village.


Patch changes


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