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This article is about the draenei city. For the in-game faction of the same name, see Exodar (faction).
AllianceThe Exodar
Azuremyst Isle.jpg
Type Capital city; Dimensional ship
Races DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Broken Broken
  Formerly Naaru Naaru
Government Theocracy

 Prophet Velen

Languages Draenei, Common
Faiths Holy Light, Shamanism
Affiliation Exodar draenei, Alliance
Location Western Azuremyst Isle
PvP status Alliance territory
Status Healthy (lore)

The Exodar (pronounced EX-o-dar)[2] is the draenei's enchanted capital city located on Azuremyst Isle. It is a dimensional ship satellite structure of the dimensional fortress known as Tempest Keep that crashed on Azeroth. Like other dimensional ships, the Exodar was able to transcend dimensions, and warp time itself[3] but that is no longer the case since the ship is beyond repair and now acts solely as the new home of the draenei on Azeroth.[4]

The faction associated with the city, Exodar, is named after the ship itself.


Concept art.

The Exodar's history is a short one, beginning with its departure from Draenor and its short journey through the Twisting Nether to Azeroth.

At some point before the present, the naaru arrived in the realm of Outland with a "dimensional fortress" known as Tempest Keep. The naaru dispersed throughout the ravaged world, leaving the fortress defenseless. Seeing an opportunity to strike, Kael'thas Sunstrider and his many blood elf legions assaulted Tempest Keep and captured it, taking possession of its treasures and kidnapping the sole naaru occupant, M'uru, sending him back to Silvermoon City for the magisters to utilize in their thirst for magic.[5] M'uru later becomes a boss in Sunwell Plateau, transforming into the corrupt Entropius.

Velen, the courageous prophet who had led the draenei people since their exodus from Argus millennia before, had hid with the remainder of his people in the wake of the Legion-instigated orcish onslaught. With the Broken Farseer Nobundo, first of the draenei shaman, at his side,[6] the Prophet personally led a raid on Tempest Keep to wrest control of one of its satellite structures, the Exodar.[7]

It is unknown how the draenei accomplished this, or what happened next, but the draenei took control of the Exodar and used it to escape Outland. The blood elves (and/or the draenei traitor Sironas), discovering what the draenei were planning, sabotaged the dimensional engines of the vessel. When the draenei activated it, the engine malfunctioned and sent the Exodar hurtling out of control through the Twisting Nether until it reached the closest habitable planet, Azeroth. The crippled ship screamed across the skies of Northern Kalimdor, crystals flying everywhere, until it crash-landed on a small island chain off the coast of Darkshore. The survivors took the islands as their new homeland, and set up their new capital in the largest intact portion of the still-smoking ship. The surviving blood elves regrouped and, after scouting the area, summoned reinforcements from Tempest Keep with the Sun Gate.

Contamination of the Azuremyst Isles

The Exodar's crash caused power crystals from the Exodar to break apart from the ship and land on the island, an event the Stillpine furbolg call the "crystal storm."[8] These crystals would then be ingested by the nearby nightstalkers causing them to become infected with corruption. Exarch Menelaous, from Azure Watch, fearing that the infection will spread if left unchecked assigns young adventures to purge the forests of infected cats.

Never seen in Nagrand, the first red elekk calves were born in Azeroth after the Exodar's arrival. Some breeders theorize that the unique coloration is somehow caused by the same radiation which ravaged Bloodmyst Isle.[9]

The long-term effects of the contamination caused by the Exodar are still under observation.[10]

Prophet's Lesson

Exodar concept art.
The Exodar in the TCG, actually the Crash Site
WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

After the Shattering, the Exodar is nearly repaired. According to Vindicator Romnar during a meeting of the Hand of Argus, all key systems have been repaired, and they are now just cleaning up and bolstering any areas of apparent weakness. He states they should have The Exodar up and running, and operational within a week. The Triumvirate agreed, and it was decided that unless Velen ordered otherwise, as he isolated himself from everyone, within a week the Exodar would take flight for old Draenor to rebuild their second home on Outland and assist the Lost Ones remaining behind.

By the end of the events, Velen announced the decision that the draenei and the Exodar would remain in Azeroth to combat the incoming threat with their allies of the Alliance. Vindicator Maraad announces that the Dimensional ship has been fully repaired.[11]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After the Legion attacked the Exodar and slays O'ros, Velen orders Grand Artificer Romuul to begin repairs on the Vindicaar and states that the draenei are going home.[12] The Exodar is too crippled to fly again.[13]

The priest champions of the Conclave visited the Exodar in order to get pure Light. They were attacked by shivarra assassins led by Crystalbreaker Niika.[14]


The Exodar contains a large amount of technological wonders (due to its origins lying within Tempest Keep) such as magically enchanted "wires" which transport holy energy throughout the ship to power the various systems — heating and lighting — and fueling the draenei's already considerable powers.


Map of the Exodar.

The Exodar is divided into four main areas, a large central hall with three major wings. All the wings are connected with smaller hallways as seen on the map.


Broken miners harvesting crystals in the northern section of the Crystal Hall.

The draenei and other Alliance players can access the city by using either a spiral ramp that leads to the heart of the Exodar from the main entrance, or another ramp down from the harbor-side entrance that leads into the Vault of Lights.

The main entrance ramp has one extra sub-level where an inn is located. Also, the cooking trainer and supply vendors are located nearby at this small platform.

The harbor side ramp is occasionally used by Horde players that attempt to raid the Exodar.

Other parts

The Exodar lost several parts while crashing over the Azuremyst Isles, including a menagerie, escape pods at the Pod Cluster and Pod Wreckage, another big piece over Ammen Vale, a Cryo-Core, a Vector Coil and a Warp Piston.

Notable characters

The Caregiver Center inn is hosted by Caregiver Breel.
Main article: Exodar NPCs

The faction is named Exodar and is led by Prophet Velen, located near the battlemasters in the Vault of Lights. The naaru O'ros can be found on the lowest level of the Seat of the Naaru. Farseer Nobundo, the Broken that accompanied the draenei out of Outland, is also present as a shaman trainer more recently Nobundo has left to assist the Earthen Ring in the mending of the world.

Points of interest

Following points of interest are found in the Exodar:

  • The bank, located at the Seat of the Naaru
  • An inn, located beyond a small platform along the main entrance spiral
  • An Alliance-linked auction house
  • Four mailboxes - one by the inn, one by the bank, one by the auction house and one by the flight masters outside the city

Travel connections


Alliance Darnassus[48, 62]
Neutral Dark Portal, Blasted Lands Bc icon.gif[48, 63]


Alliance Azure Watch
Alliance Blood Watch
Alliance Rut'theran Village


Alliance Rut'theran Village

Notes and trivia

Concept art of the Exodar crash site.
A card back themed after the Exodar in Hearthstone.
  •  [Exodar Elekk] are elekk which have been anointed by O'ros, the Naaru who journeyed from Draenor to Azeroth with Velen and his followers.[15]
  • The voracious ravagers first arrived on Azeroth aboard the Exodar.[16]
  • One of the male draenei jokes is that in the Naaru language, the word "Exodar" means "Defective elekk turd".
  • On most realms, the Exodar is the least visited city, now even less so than Darnassus.
  • Unlike the other Alliance cities, the Exodar does not have wandering food vendors or heralds. The herald of the Exodar stands in the Seat of the Naaru and most of its food is sold by the innkeeper. Also, most of the Exodar's buildings are accessible by mount.
  • The name "Exodar" is likely derived from "Exodus", referencing the draenei's flight from Draenor and their search for a new home, similar to the Hebrew Exodus recounted in the Bible.
  • A small harbor by the name of Valaar's Berth is located west of the Exodar, close to its rear entrance. From there, a boat goes to Rut'theran Village regularly. It is little utilized because of the portal inside the Exodar that goes directly to Darnassus.
  • After patch 2.0.1, but before the Burning Crusade was released, the Exodar and its surrounding areas (including Bloodmyst Isle) were on the world maps, yet not accessible. This was done so no one could access the draenei and blood elf starting areas and Outland without the expansion. Many curious players who boarded the newly implemented night elf ship at Auberdine (later dubbed Elune's Blessing) found themselves disappointingly not in the Azuremyst Isles zone, but teleported to the graveyard outside Auberdine.
    • The islands are now accessible to all accounts.
  • Some of the major quest lines are only accessible if your character is a draenei.
  • In Hearthstone, the Exodar card back was rewarded for achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Season 18, which took place during September 2015. The flavor text reads: "The capital city of the draenei is actually a dimensional ship that crash landed on Azeroth after traveling through the Twisting Nether. Despite its wonders and Velen's best efforts, its tourism industry is sluggish due to its remote location (and possibly also the man-eating mutant plants)."
  • Due to their habit of gnawing on things that they should not,  [Argi] are often blamed for the crash of the Exodar.


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