AllianceExorcising Terrordale
Start Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
End Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Paladin
Experience 9500 EXP (or 39s at level 70)
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Previous A Paladin [60] To Show Due Judgment
Next A Paladin [60] The Divination Scryer

This quest is part of the Censer segment of the Summoning the Charger quest chain.


Use the  [Exorcism Censer] to drive out the spirits that torment Terrordale. When you have slain 25 Terrordale Spirits, return to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind.


I have added a pinch of dirt from the tainted ground of Terrordale in the Eastern Plaguelands to the censer. You will now use this censer to find areas there that show signs of spiritual turmoil and disturbance. Look for green auras that permeate the ground as the physical world buckles under the torment of the spirit realm and use the censer to drive out the evil spirits.

When you have passed sufficient judgment on the spirits there, you will be ready to proceed.


It is good to see you again <name>. Is your work done in Terrordale?


Well done, <name>. To render the judgment of the Light on those that dwell in darkness is a task we must approach with vim and zeal; you have done just that with your sacrifice in Ironforge and your judgments of the spirits in Terrordale.

Your next steps will call on both sacrifice and judgment again as you now strive to reclaim the spirit of a fallen charger who now serves a Death Knight known as Darkreaver.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


A Paladin [60] Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker (optional)

The paladin must complete both the Censer series, and the Barding series, after which he is offered the Scryer quests. The two series are otherwise independent.

  1. The Censer
    1. A Paladin [60] Emphasis on Sacrifice
    2. A Paladin [60] To Show Due Judgment
    3. A Paladin [60] Exorcising Terrordale
  2. The Barding
    1. A Paladin [60] The Work of Grimand Elmore
    2. A Paladin [60D] Collection of Goods
    3. A Paladin [60] Grimand's Finest Work
    4. A Paladin [60D] Ancient Equine Spirit
      requiring A Paladin [60] Manna-Enriched Horse Feed
    5. A Paladin [60] Blessed Arcanite Barding
  3. The Scryer (after both Censer and Barding are complete)
    1. A Paladin [60] The Divination Scryer
    2. A Paladin [60D] Judgement and Redemption

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