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Expedition Report A37J - Part 1

Expedition Report A37J - Part 1.

Expedition Report - Part 1 can be found by the southern road leading to the Grand Menagerie in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. It is part of a series of reports written by the broker Al'firim about the origins and structure of the cosmos.


The Dawn of All Things.

It is no small irony that the first specimens of their language remain the most inscrutable. Perhaps that is what hindered my progress for so long. Regardless, the particulars are beyond my present ability to decipher. With time, I am certain I will succeed. But Not yet.

There are references to forces so primal that we have no frame of reference for them. Roiling and churning, or measured and deliberate? The words here have multiple meanings, I must set them aside for now.

What is clear is that great powers took shape. How many? There are numbers within numbers, my friends. At first I thought only two, until I perceived an infinite array -- O, the terror of it! -- but as of late I have settled on six. Possibly seven, but the last might be an artifact of the geometry. A fractal.

I will tell you what I know.

These six forces existed in strife. Well, not strife in the way one such as you or I would see it. Opposition surely, but whether malignant or benign is unclear. There was imbalance, until there was a need for something more.

They came together (or were brought together, depending on how one interprets the fractal) and gave form to their design. Forged? Scribed? Shaped? The exact word is elusive. Each architect gave a portion of themselves, and thus the pattern was drawn.

It is from here that the language becomes clearer.

With a framework in place, all that we now comprehend came to be. As if reality were nothing more than a fungus growing upon the frame. Six forces now in balance, and from their intersections arose others. A simple structure growing infinitely more complex.

Now do you understand why my translations took such time? Why they still elude me? It grows! It changes! Glyphs and geometry and fractals everywhere!

Forgive me.

As each emptiness abated and grew fuller, the pattern alone was not enough. Shapes arose within shapes, begotten by the six to beget more.

Now it grows clearer. More certain. Each layer more fathomable to a meager mind such as yours.

Six realms. Many intersections. Countless fractals.

In balance? Possibly. But that might be wrong. If six equal one, then what is the other? The one outside the pattern.

(Note: I must return to this chapter later to afford greater clarity. It is possibly I possess a propensity to ramble.)

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