AllianceExplorers' League Document (3 of 6)
Start Stolen Explorers League Document [61.7, 73.2]
End Torren Squarejaw [37.3, 47.8]
Level 5-30
Category Loch Modan
Experience 1450
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards 16s
Previous A [5-30] Explorers' League Document (2 of 6)
Next A [5-30] Explorers' League Document (4 of 6)


Return the Explorers' League Document to Torren Squarejaw in Thelsamar.


The document bears the Explorer's League crest and contains historical records for all the notable locations in Loch Modan. Sooty smudges lead you to believe it was likely stolen by the the dark iron spies in the area.

You recall mention of missing documents at the Explorer's League building in Thelsamar.


You will receive: 16s


Our historical records! The thought of dark iron vermin delving into our past just made me sick to my stomach.

We appreciate you bringing this back to us. We'd like to offer you some coin as a reward.


This stolen document can be found southeast of Huldar and Miran, who players ran in to during a dark iron ambush during A [5-30] Resupplying the Excavation. Head up the hill to Shanda the Spinner's cave. The document can thankfully be found just outside. Before heading back to Thelsamar to turn in, keep questing along the Ironband's Excavation Site storyline, as the fourth document is in the dig.

See  [Gorick's Stash List] for the locations of the other five.


Optional breadcrumbs: A [5-30] Reinforcements for Loch Modan or A [5-30] Hero's Call: Loch Modan!

South Gate Pass

  1. A [5-30] The Lost Pilot
  2. A [5-30] A Pilot's Revenge
  3. A [5-30] South Gate Status Report

Valley of Kings and Thelsamar

  1. A [5-30] In Defense of the King's Lands
  2. A [5-30] A Decisive Strike
  3. A [5-30] Onward to Thelsamar

Main chain

  1. A [5-30] Stormpike's Orders (optional breadcrumb)
  2. A [5-30] A Tiny, Clever Commander
  3. A [5-30] Kobold and Kobolder
  4. A [5-30] Who's In Charge Here?
  5. A [5-30] The Bearer of Gnoll-edge
  6. A [5-30] Suddenly, Murlocs!
  7. A [5-30] Smells Like A Plan
  8. A [5-30] Axis of Awful
  9. A [5-30] Resupplying the Excavation
  10. A [5-30] Protecting the Shipment
  11. A [5-30] Keep Your Hands Off The Goods!
  12. A [5-30] Joining the Hunt, A [5-30] Find Bingles (optional)
  13. A [5-30] Wing Nut
  14. A [5-30] Bird is the Word
  15. A [5-30] Skystrider's Heart
  16. A [5-30] He's That Age
  17. A [5-30] Standing Up
  18. A [5-30] Fight the Hammer
  19. A [5-30] Servants of Cho'gall
  20. A [5-30] Gor'kresh
  21. A [5-30] Ando's Call
  22. A [5-30] The Winds of Loch Modan

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