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Exploring Azeroth: Northrend
World of Warcraft Exploring Azeroth Northrend cover
Author(s) Alex Acks
Artist(s) Various
Pages 168
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publication date November 15, 2022
Format(s) Hardcover, Digital
Retail price US: $25.00
UK: £21.99
ISBN 10 ‎1950366898
ISBN 13 978-1950366897
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Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is an official Warcraft book by Alex Acks presenting information on Northrend.


The icy depths of Northrend hold secrets long untold!
Mysterious, beautiful, and uncompromising, the crown of Azeroth is a continent filled with history, struggles, tragedies, and even triumphs. Join Explorers' League cofounder and High Thane Muradin Bronzebeard along with his brothers, Speaker of Azeroth Magni and adventure aficionado Brann, as they journey through the untamed, stormy wilderness of Northrend on a quest of discovery, diplomacy, and reconnection. From the Scourge-controlled Icecrown Citadel to the violet-hued Crystalsong Forest to the bitter-cold valleys of Dragonblight and the resilient Frostborn of Storm Peaks, Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is your next step in an unforgettable voyage across Azeroth.
Initial description
Ever since the “crown of Azeroth” assumed center stage in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, millions of players have been captivated by the dark, stormy depths of the continent that has become synonymous with the dreaded Scourge. Now, venture into the icy, mysterious tundra of Northrend under the expert guidance of Clan Bronzebeard in this third installment in the wildly popular World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth series![1]


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Francesca Baerald, Joseph Lacroix, Peter C. Lee, Mooncolony, Mats Myrvold, Gus Schmidt, Scribble Pad, Lianna Tai.

Notes and trivia[]

  • The book offers an updated lineage of titan creations (see Gallery below), originally presented in The Magazine.
    • The mountain dwarves are now called Bronzebeard dwarves.
    • The book uses the term Mechagon mechagnome, a term chosen by Wowpedia as page name to distinguish it from the mechagnome page.
  • Exploring Azeroth says that the Forgotten Shore in the Dragonblight is where Arthas landed with his men in Northrend, pursuing Mal'Ganis, invaliding the mention of the event in Chronicle to have occurred in the Howling Fjord.[2]
  • When first announced the book had a publication date of October 18, 2022.
  • The audiobook version is read by Carlos Larkin, the voice actor for all three Bronzebeard brothers.

Mistakes and inconsistencies[]

Given the fact that the entries are written from Muradin's point of view, these could, theoretically, be considered as in-universe mistakes instead of retcons.

  • The book describes the Scarlet Crusade coming to Northrend under the leadership of High General Brigitte Abbendis and Admiral Barean Westwind after Tirion Fordring kicked them out of Hearthglen.
    • As per Inv misc book 05 [The Path of Redemption] and N Death Knight [8-30] The Scarlet Apocalypse, Hearthglen was still under the control of the Scarlet Crusade when they were sailing to Northrend.
    • Tirion taking Hearthglen was not the cause of the Scarlet Crusade under Abbendis and Westwind coming to Northrend, as quests to kill Abbendis and Westwind were in WotLK, and Hearthglen was retaken by Tirion just prior to Cataclysm.
  • The book states: "The original Wolfcult was created by the mad archmage Arugal in Gilneas when he made the worgen—and he got killed for it, eventually. Seems the Lich King appreciated his work and had him resurrected and brought to Grizzly Hills, where he set about making a new Wolfcult among the trappers at Solstice Village."
  • Gurgthock is spelled as Gurgthok.
  • The titan-forged lineage chart has the vrykul, giants, and earthen coming from the titans directly. They were actually created by the keepers using the Forge of Wills.


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