Eye of Culuthas

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MobEye of Culuthas
Image of Eye of Culuthas
Race Observer (Demon)
Level 25-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ruins of Farahlon, Netherstorm[44, 36.6]
Status Killable

Eye of Culuthas are observers found in the Ruins of Farahlon in the Netherstorm.

During N Warlock [90] Seeking the Soulstones, Kanrethad Ebonlocke and Jubeka Shadowbreaker approach these demons in order to find how to bind them to their command. Kanrethad remarks that the observers were in the service of Illidan; not the Legion.


  • Spell nature lightningoverload.png  Focused Bursts — Inflicts magical damage to an enemy for 12 sec. 
  • Spell shadow soulleech.png  Tongue Lash — Inflicts 130% weapon damage and leaves the target wounded, increasing the effectiveness of any spells cast against the target by 50% for 6 sec. 
  • Spell shadow soulleech.png  Tongue Lash — Damage from magical spells and effects increased by 50%. Movement speed reduced by 30%. 

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