NeutralEye of the Scryer

Eye of the Scryer
Start Ve'nari
End Ve'nari
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Weekly
Category Maw
Experience 10,200
Reputation +850 Ve'nari
Rewards 425x [Stygia]
51g 48s


Leerok the Scryer
Leerok is already mostly eye, as it is. Extracting its eye should be trivial... once you defeat it.

Obtain the Eye of the Scryer from Leerok the Scryer in The Maw.


Evading the Mawsworn's scryers requires powerful magical countermeasures.

The prime reagent? A luminescent eye, pried from the skull of a scryer recently shaken from its trance.

The scrying ritual begins as we speak. You will, of course, be compensated only for an intact eye.

Restraint is advised in its procurement.


You will receive:


Well? Do you have it, undamaged?


Do you think he saw that one coming?

That was an attempt at mortal humor. You may laugh at your leisure.


Enter the Forlorn Respite at [25.5, 32.6] in the Planes of Torment, then defeat the Mawsworn Thaumaturges channeling a spell into Leerok the Scryer to spawn it.

Defeating Leerok and looting the  [Eye of the Scryer] will add 1000 points (100% of a level) to the Eye of the Jailer.


  • During the alpha, this quest was named Scryer's Eyes.

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