Eyes in the Sky (Dire Maul)

Alliance 32.pngEyes in the Sky
Start Shandris Feathermoon
End Druid of the Talon
Level 15-30 (Requires 15)
Type Dungeon
Category Dire Maul
Experience 575
Rewards 7 Silver.png
Shareable Yes
Next Alliance 15.png [15-30D] King of the Gordok


Speak to the Druid of the Talon.


The most dire, and most organized, threat to us in Feralas are the Gordok ogres in the northern wing of Dire Maul. I requested a druid of the talon to go there and scout it out. If he still lives, speak with him and he will act as your commander to stop the Gordok before they decide to attack.

That's an order, <class>.


You will receive: 7 Silver.png


Speak softly, <name>. The Gordok may not be intelligent, but they are still dangerous warriors.

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