Eyes of the Thunder King

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NeutralEyes of the Thunder King
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Weekly Raid
Category Throne of Thunder
Repeatable Yes

Eyes of the Thunder King is one of seven random weekly raid quests offered in Normal/Heroic Throne of Thunder.


Defeat the ambush!


As the fog dissipates from the fallen sentries, you feel a sudden rumbling.

The rocks blocking the sewer tunnels tumble forward and crash into the outflow tanks below, as four putrid eyes lunge from the darkness.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 17.png [Spoils of the Thunder King]


This weekly raid quest is offered in Durumu's room in [Halls of Flesh-Shaping], after killing the first set of sentries. As with other weekly quest mobs, the Eyes replace the trash mobs that normally spawn in the area.

The Eyes only notable ability is Arcane Volley, which casts arcane bolts at raid members that do signficant AoE damage. The player will have just enough time to run out when they see an arcane glow at their feet.

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