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Fae Guardians

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Fae Guardians
Ability ardenweald priest.png
  • Fae Guardians
  • Priest ability
  • 2% of base mana
  • 1.5 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Call forth three faerie guardians to attend your targets for 20 sec.

    Wrathful Faerie: Direct attacks against the target restore 0.5% Mana or 3 Insanity. Follows your [Shadow Word: Pain].

    Guardian Faerie: Reduces damage taken by 10%. Follows your [Power Word: Shield].

    Benevolent Faerie: Increases the cooldown recovery rate of a major ability by 100%. Follows your

    Holy Holy:
    [Flash Heal].

    Discipline Discipline, Shadow Shadow:
    [Shadow Mend].
Usable by
Class Priest
School Nature
Cooldown 1.5 min
Related buff
Ability ardenweald priest.png
  • Fae Guardians
  • Commanding faerie guardians.
  • Duration: 20 sec

Fae Guardians is a priest ability unlocked for members of the Night Fae Covenant.

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