Faerie concept.jpg
Concept art
Faction/Affiliation Night Fae Covenant
Racial leader(s) IconSmall WinterQueen.gif Winter Queen
Area(s) Ardenweald, Shadowlands

Faeries are a race of small, winged forest tricksters affiliated with the Night Fae Covenant of Ardenweald. Mercurial, mischievous, and both easily appeased and easily offended, they use song to soothe the pain of rejuvenating nature spirits or to lure in lesser creatures to grind into poultices.[1] They used to bind and seal curses by the spriggans all the time, keeping an archive of curses at the Grove of Memory.[2] Faeries are able to see secret things hidden in the world, and are able to grant others the ability to do so through moonsight.[3] Faeries are born from the land itself like a flower[4] and live in trees.[5] The entirety of Tirna Fenn's central grove is faeries, and Shimmerfly states it is her home tree, but it is unclear if it's the home of all faeries.


  • Need some help?
  • Welcome to the weald.
  • A song to lift your spirits?
  • Hello there!
  • Greetings, friend!
  • Could I lend a hand?
  • I serve the Queen.
  • All things in balance
  • I'm sure we'll meet again.
  • Now go have some fun!
  • Queen's blessing upon you.
  • Carry a song in your heart.
  • Stay safe out there.
  • Take care!
  • Do you know the legend of the adventurer and the angry faerie? You're about to.


  • Concept art refers to them as Ardenweald sprites.[6]
  • The faeries were designed by character artist Ariel Fain, whose goal was to combine classic fantasy depictions of fairies with the celestial illumination of Ardenweald to create a unique, otherworldly fairy that fit in the World of Warcraft aesthetic. The faeries' fluffy features and the shape of their wings were inspired by moths.[7]
  • Faeries are all naked.


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