AllianceFair Trade
Start Fanara
End Garaal
Level 10-40
Category Garrison Support
Experience 13,690
Reputation +250 Council of Exarchs
Rewards  [The Tannery, Level 1]
 [Draenor Leatherworking]
11g 40s
Previous A [10-40] Friendly Competition


Garaal awaits your delivery.

Provided item:


Alright. Here you go.

Be sure to deliver them to Garaal quickly. He has a heavy interest in detail and fine craftsmanship. He'll surely appreciate your work.


You will receive: 11g 40s
Inv garrison blueprints1.png [The Tannery, Level 1] Inv scroll 03.png [Draenor Leatherworking]


Greetings, <name>.

Fanara mentioned the competition was fierce this year.

My, my. These goods should keep me busy for an entire season!

As the victor of the competition one usually becomes my apprentice, however, your skills are surely in need of no apprenticeship.

Perhaps a trade is in order.

I'll keep your delivery and share the goods with our local craftsmen and in return, I'll share some of our knowledge with you.


  1. A [10-40] A Call for Huntsman
  2. A [10-40] Friendly Competition
  3. A [10-40] Fair Trade

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