The main bridge across Falfarren River.

The Falfarren River runs northeast to southwest across Ashenvale, and is approximately the dividing line between the night elven territory under Astranaar to the west, and the orcish territory under Splintertree Post to the east. It is not a terribly deep or wide river, though rainfall can cause it to swell.[1] Several aggressive bog beasts can be found roaming below the surface of the river at sections around Felfire Hill. During the Cataclysm new bridges were built along the river.

The water of the river originates from the slopes of Mount Hyjal, and passes through a series of waterfalls into the lake at Xavian, before it runs between Splintertree and Night Run southwest. It then runs past the primary and most well-traveled bridge spanning the Falfarren, continuing between Silverwing Outpost and the Moonwell of Cleansing across another bridge before it slips underground beneath the mountains of the northern Barrens.

During the War of the Thorns the night elves burnt its bridges to delay the Horde,[2] though in the end they managed to cross it by freezing a section of the river.[3]



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