Fallen Steeds: Reins of Shadow

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DeathKnightFallen Steeds: Reins of Shadow
Realm of Shadows
Level 102 (760)
Duration 4 hrs, 1 min
Followers 3
Type Campaign
Enemies Dark Rider Ghrave
Crimson Deathcharger
Death Grip
Champion XP
Bonus Chest  [Tarnished Engagement Ring]


Salanar the Horseman requires the Shadow Reins used by an ancient Dark Rider. They can only be obtained by defeating one of the Dark Riders directly.


  • Dark Rider Ghrave: Powerful
  • Crimson Deathcharger: Slowing Disorienting Cursed
  • Death Grip: Slowing Cursed Disorienting


You will receive:
Inv misc 6oring solium.png [Tarnished Engagement Ring]

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