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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Falrevere's estate was Duke Falrevere's home in Kul Tiras before he became the pirate lord of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.


Falrevere was originally a Lordaeronian noble[1] and some years before the Third War he had a grand estate in Kul Tiras. He was one of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's greatest rivals on the island, and he boasted a dozen merchant ships and twice as many warships.[2]

After abandoning the Tirasian town of Drisburg to its fate, Falrevere knew he could never set foot on Kul Tiras again. Once he heard about how the war was going in Lordaeron, Falrevere decided he would not be part of that land's folly anymore. He gathered the remaining crew who wanted to follow him and reestablished his estate on a tropical island in the South Seas where the Scourge could not reach them and where he could choose his friends.[2]


  • Duke Falrevere lived in the estate until he became the leader of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.
  • Falrevere's wife was left behind in Kul Tiras and none know her fate.[3]
  • Jessi Falrevere lived with her parents and brother in the estate until her father became a pirate. She was barely 20 when Duke Falrevere began building Bloodsail Hold. She was depressed for months, for her mother had been left behind and none knew her fate. Her brother Magrann dragged her out of her despair but when he died, all that was once good and fun in her shattered.[3]
  • Magrann Falrevere lived with his parents and sister in the estate until his father became a pirate. He saw the shift to piracy as a grand adventure but would not live it much longer as he died presumably before the cannons of the Blackwater Raiders.[3]
  • Wallace Boltscrew was a valuable high-ranking member of Falrevere's household; he created devices to assist in all manner of situations and was the head of the other servants. He was head butler, head chef and stablemaster. He would later follow Falrevere in his new life as a pirate.[3]
  • A young Lester Zank served as a minor mage in Falrevere's estate. The noble indulged the lad's interest in the dark arts out of respect for his father, who died in Falrevere's service when Lester was a baby. Lester went to fight in Lordaeron during the Third War but was horrified of the undead and hid in a basement until the war was over. He would survive to encounter with Falrevere again, becoming a high-ranking Bloodsail Buccaneer.[3]


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