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Type Village
Leader(s)  The Blackfang
Race(s) IconSmall Saberon.gif Saberon
Affiliation(s) Blackfang tribe
Location Southeastern Tanaan Jungle
Status Active
The lake and corrupted lava pool in the eastern portion of the village.

Fang'rila is the capital of the Blackfang tribe of saberon, located in southeastern Tanaan Jungle.

The Blackfang Challenge Arena, where the greatest champions of the Blackfang saberon can be summoned, is found in the southern part of the village. At the eastern edge of the village, there is a small lake filled with groupers and with an uninhabited island in its middle. On the northern edge of the lake, corrupted and twisted stone spires jut out of the ground, surrounding a pool of fel lava.



  • The name "Fang'rila", much like Ogri'la, is a reference to the fictional valley of Shangri-La, a kind of "promised land" which is itself based on the Buddhist myth of Shambhala.

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