NeutralFangs of the Devourer

"Azhir manari kirel. Akim manari galar!"
Start Val'zuun
End Valeera Sanguinar
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 1,500 (level 100)
Rewards  [Gorefang] and  [Akaari's Will]
1g 54s
Previous N Rogue [10-45] Traitor!


Obtain the Fangs of the Devourer from Akaari Shadowgore.


If you spare me I can use the rune of portals you provided to open a gateway to Akaari's citadel in the Twisting Nether.

Of course, killing the Legion's master assassin in her own domain will be no simple feat, but surely the Fangs of the Devourer are worth the risk, no?

<Val'zuun smiles.>

I will guide you through the citadel once you arrive, but you will have to defeat Akaari on your own.


You will receive: 14g 60s
Inv knife 1h artifactfangs d 01.png [Gorefang] Inv knife 1h artifactfangs d 01.png [Akaari's Will]


Any luck?


I knew you'd succeed, <name>. I'm glad you're on our side.


On accept:

Val'zuun stands up.
Val'zuun says: Thank you for seeing reason.
Val'zuun walks a few feet northwest and begins casting a demonic spell.
Val'zuun says: Ered'achor, shudas'urzul... kurai.
A Twisted Gateway appears in front of the eredar.
Val'zuun says: It is done. The way to Shadowgore Citadel is open.
Val'zuun walks back to his original position.

Upon interacting with the gateway, you are transported to Shadowgore Citadel and placed in a single-player scenario.

Stage 1: The Unseen Blade

Engage Akaari Shadowgore while you have the element of surprise.
  • Engage Akaari Shadowgore
Val'zuun says: Akaari is just across the citadel from you. With your skill, you should be able to reach her undetected.

Shadowgore Bloodmaidens and Shadowgore Stalkers are patrolling the citadel, while Shadowgore Darkcasters are channeling spells. Two Eyes of Xirus are patrolling the center ring. Their ability, "Sight Beyond Sight", allows them to detect stealthed characters. If they fixate their gaze upon you for long enough, they will force you out of Stealth and inevitably cause several nearby mobs to aggro to you. It is therefore best to crowd control them (e.g. [Sap]) or avoid them altogether.

Getting too close to an Eye of Xirus
Eye of Xirus looks in your direction!
Eye of Xirus spots you and runs to its allies for help!
Getting too close to a Shadowgore Stalker
Shadowgore Stalker sniffs the air excitedly.
Shadowgore Stalker perks up!

As you make your way towards Akaari, she speaks to her servants.

Akaari Shadowgore says: Prepare yourselves, minions. Our lord requires us on the field of battle.
Akaari Shadowgore says: Our enemies will feel the fangs' agonizing bite! They will all perish!

Once you reach Akaari, engage her in combat. On aggro, she says:

Akaari Shadowgore says: You were dead the moment you arrived here.

During the fight, she uses an ability that creates several illusionary copies of herself that aid her in combat.

Akaari Shadowgore says: Try to keep up.

Once you get Akaari to around 75% health, she will stun you with [Cheap Shot].

Akaari Shadowgore says: Enough!
A Soulkeeper jailer emerges from a portal and begins using a draining spell on the player as the screen slowly fades to black.
Akaari Shadowgore says: Take them to the holding cell. Lord Kil'jaeden will be most pleased.

Stage 2: The Key

The Soulkeeper is in a deep trance. Obtain the key he has dangling from his belt.

When you awaken, you have been disarmed by the and placed in a cage by the "Chains of the Legion" spell. The Soulkeeper is floating right next to the cage and undergoing a "Focused Trance", the ability description of which reads: "This unit is unaware of his surroundings."

Akaari Shadowgore says: Move out, armies of Kil'jaeden! Glory awaits!
Val'zuun says: That jailer presents an opportunity for your escape.

Enter [Stealth] and use [Pick Pocket] on the Soulkeeper to obtain the  [Holding Cell Key].

Stage 3: Escape Artist

Now that you have the key, free yourself from the cage and reclaim your weapons.
  • Escape the Jailer's Prison.
  • Reclaim your weapons.
  • Open the Holding Cell door.

Interact with the cage to destroy it and free yourself. Interact with the Weapons Cache in the northeastern part of the chamber to remove the "Chains of the Legion" debuff and re-equip your weapons. Then, simply head over to the Legion Door and interact with it to break it open.

Stage 4: The Eyes of the Deceiver

Akaari has sent Inquisitor Xirus to stop you.
  • Slay Inquisitor Xirus.

As you break open the door, the Shadowgore Darkcaster and Bloodmaiden standing the next room flee in panic just before Xirus himself appears in the center of the chamber.

Shadowgore Darkcaster yells: Xirus is here. Run!
Shadowgore Bloodmaiden yells: Get out while you still can!
Xirus says: I herald your endless torment.
Akaari Shadowgore says: Xirus, deal with them. We have nearly made contact.

During fight:

Xirus says: The end is inevitable.
Xirus says: Welcome the embrace of the twisting dark.

Upon killing Xirus, he says:

They will devour your flesh until nothing remains...

Stage 5: Ascension

Find Akaari Shadowgore atop the citadel.
  • Ascend the Citadel
  • Find Akaari Shadowgore.
Val'zuun says: The fangs are within your grasp!
Akaari Shadowgore says: Kill them, you fools! I will not be denied my destiny!

Shadowgore Stalkers, a Chaos Guard and several Shadowgore Bloodmaidens patrol both of the ramps leading up to the top of the citadel. It is easiest to sneak past all of them using Stealth.

Once you reach the top of the citadel, a cutscene begins.

Akaari is standing in front of an immense pool of fel lava.
Akaari Shadowgore says: Welcome, Lord of Flame! Welcome, Kil'jaeden!
Kil'jaeden the Deceiver rises from the pool.
Kil'jaeden says: You have done well, Akaari. You have earned my blessing.
Kil'jaeden begins channeling dark magic into Akaari, who is lifted off of the floor.
Kil'jaeden says: Azhir manari kirel. Akim manari galar!
Akaari lands back on the floor.
Akaari Shadowgore says: The fangs... their power is beyond comprehension! I am your humble servant, my lord!
Kil'jaeden says: It is time for your true test. Use the Fangs to dismantle Azeroth's kingdoms from within. Let their shattered husks pave our path to victory!
Akaari walks over to stand in a ritual circle in the center of her platform.
Akaari Shadowgore says: They will taste blood in your name!
Kil'jaeden sinks back into the fel pool and disappears.

Stage 6: A Duel of Fate

Kill Akaari Shadowgore.
  • Kill Akaari Shadowgore.


Akaari Shadowgore says: Let us finish this once and for all.

During fight:

Akaari Shadowgore says: Do you feel the fangs' bite withering the flesh from your very bones?
Akaari Shadowgore says: Mephistroth guide my hand! I will not fail!
Akaari Shadowgore says: I have broken entire worlds from the inside out. Azeroth will crumble!
Akaari Shadowgore says: No more games.


Akaari Shadowgore says: Join me... in the Nether...

Final Stage: Master of Shadows

Wield the Fangs of the Devourer.
  • Wield the Fangs of the Devourer.

The Fangs appear above the ritual circle, floating in mid-air. After interacting with and looting them, Val'zuun's voice is heard once again as the Shadowgore Citadel begins to crumble.

Val'zuun says: The citadel has begun a self-destruct sequence. Make your way to the portal once you have the fangs!

Head straight west to the western platform of the citadel and used the Twisted Gateway to return to the Underbelly Descent and exit the scenario.

When you arrive back on Azeroth, Val'zuun applauds your efforts.

Val'zuun says: Ah, you made it. Well done!
Val'zuun says: Valeera said you would know where to meet her upon your return. Not wise to keep her waiting.
Val'zuun bows.
Val'zuun says: Until our paths cross again.
Val'zuun walks away deeper into the Underbelly and despawns.

Return to the Chamber of Shadows in the order hall to turn in the quest.


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