Farmer Fung's Vote II: On the Loose

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NeutralFarmer Fung's Vote II: On the Loose

Escaped shagskins on the verdant belt
Start Farmer Fung [48.3, 33.9]
End Farmer Fung [48.3, 33.9]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 236000
Reputation +250 The Tillers
+7000 Farmer Fung
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
Previous N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote I: Yak Attack
Next N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote III: Crazy For Cabbage


Return 5 Escaped Shagskins to Farmer Fung's yak pen at the very north end of the Verdant Belt.


You want my vote for Farmer Yoon? Ha! You're joking, right?

Listen, I'm not going to vote for some citypaw with no lick a' knowledge about farming the earth.

It would be an embarrassment to farm alongside you or that Yoon shmuck.

Now let me deal with my own problems. Some devil let my prize yaks loose, and now they're running wild northwest of Halfhill.

If I could just get my yaks back, then maybe I'd be able to sleep at night.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


What do you want?


<Farmer Fung stares at you with his jaw on the floor.>

I... I can't believe... YOU recovered all of my prized shagskins!

Do you... do you know what this means to me?

My family's only been good at two things - raising enormous vegetables and raising yaks.

The shagskins you see are the result of generations of work.

You have saved my family's legacy, <name>.



Head out to the Verdant Belt between the Heartland and Halfhill, jump on an Escaped Shagskin, ride it in to the paddock, and repeat.

On complete:

Farmer Fung says: It was mighty kind of you to help me, <race>. I'm in your debt.


  1. Neutral:
    1. N [87] A Helping Hand (+900)
    2. N [87] Learn and Grow I: Seeds (+500)
    3. N [87] Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting (+500)
    4. N [87] Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops (+500)
    5. N [87] Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting (+700)
  2. Friendly:
    1. N [87] Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market (+999)
      • Dailies now available
    2. N [87] Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote (+1400)
  3. Honored:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm I: The Weeds (+500)
    2. N [90] Growing the Farm I: A Little Problem (+500)
  4. Honored 5,500/12,000:
    1. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote I: A Hozen's Problem (+400)
    2. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote II: Rotten to the Core (+400)
    3. N [90] Mung-Mung's Vote III: The Great Carrot Caper (+400)
  5. Revered:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm II: The Broken Wagon (+500)
    2. N [90] Growing the Farm II: Knock on Wood (+500)
    3. Barnaby Fletcher (optional):
      1. N [90] A Shabby New Face (+10)
      2. N [90] One Magical, Flying Kingdom's Trash... (+75)
  6. Revered 4,000/21,000:
    1. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote I: Yak Attack (+250)
    2. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote II: On the Loose (+250)
    3. N [90] Farmer Fung's Vote III: Crazy For Cabbage (+400)
  7. Revered 8,500/21,000:
    1. N [90] Nana's Vote I: Nana's Secret Recipe (+400)
    2. N [90] Nana's Vote II: The Sacred Springs (+400)
    3. N [90] Nana's Vote III: Witchberry Julep (+400)
  8. Revered 12,600/21,000 (Lost Dog, optional):
    1. N [90] Lost and Lonely (+500)
  9. Revered 16,800/21,000:
    1. N [90] Haohan's Vote I: Bungalow Break-In (+300)
    2. N [90] Haohan's Vote II: The Real Culprits (+300)
    3. N [90] Haohan's Vote III: Pure Poison (+300)
    4. N [90] Haohan's Vote IV: Melons For Felons (+300)
  10. Revered 20,000/21,000:
    1. N [90] Haohan's Vote V: Chief Yip-Yip (+1000)
  11. Exalted:
    1. N [90] Growing the Farm III: The Mossy Boulder
    2. N [90] A Second Hand
  12. Exalted with all 16 plots unlocked
    1. N [90] Inherit the Earth

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