This is a guide on how to farm Heavy Junkboxes to get exalted with Ravenholdt.


This item is an objective of N [60] Junkboxes Needed, which rewards reputation with the Ravenholdt faction. Once a player reaches 11999/12000 Honored with Ravenholdt, the only way to raise reputation any further (aside from the rogue-only Fangs of the Father questline) is turning in Heavy Junkboxes: five at a time for 75 reputation. Essentially a single junkbox is worth 15 reputation if no bonuses to reputation are applied.

The human racial skill [Diplomacy], several holiday reputation buffs, and the Darkmoon Faire carousel buff [WHEE!] each provide a 10% bonus to reputation gains, stacking additively; without any of these bonuses, 1,400 Junkboxes are required to go from 11999 Honored to Exalted; with one bonus, 1,275 junkboxes are needed; with two bonuses, 1,170 junkboxes are needed; and with all three bonuses, 1,080 junkboxes are needed.

General Notes

The contents of a mob's pocket is refreshed every 7 minutes, making it capable of farming the same group of humanoid mobs once every 7 minutes - without killing nor aggroing them.


  • A Rogue (which is actually quite mandatory), at least level 60. The higher the level, the less chance of having to fight anything (which will slow down gathering junkboxes).
  •  [Glyph of Pick Pocket] Highly recommended to increase the distance you can be from a mob - further reducing the chance of being noticed.
  •  [Glyph of Pick Lock] to reduce cooldown time on [Pick Lock] if you want to loot the junk boxes.
  •  [Glyph of Sprint] can be useful to have.
  • Talent wise, Night Stalker and [Burst of Speed] or [Preparation] are good to have. The first two increase your speed, while [Preparation] allows repeated use of [Sprint] and of [Vanish] if things go wrong. A level 60 rogue can have Night Stalker and either [Burst of Speed] or [Preparation]. Level 80+ Subtlety rogues also get access to [Shadow Dance] which allows them to pick pockets while in combat.
  • As much empty inventory space as possible. Unless you have access to your bank or a mailbox, you can only collect as many junk boxes as you can carry. Likewise, you can only turn in as many sets of 5 Junkboxes as you can carry.
  • If you are an engineer of sufficient skill, bring  [MOLL-E] (for a mailbox every hour) and at least 40 bag slots and you will never have to leave the instance to mail off your junkboxes. Non-engineers with the  [Argent Squire] and  [Argent Pony Bridle] have a portable mailbox on a four-hour cooldown.


  • Lower Blackrock Spire: Numerous humanoid mobs very close together. Because it is a dungeon, you cannot face any competition from other rogues. Firebrand Orcs and Spirethorn Trolls Groups are all placed very close to each other, minimizing downtime between each group. Very annoying run back if you do happen to die. Mobs located here are elite.
  • Upper Blackrock Spire: Compared to LBRS, the groups here are more spread out and there are entire rooms without humanoids. However, if you are high enough level to solo your way to Rend (to unlock the upper part of the instance), then the pickpocket route is long enough through both LBRS and UBRS that mobs will 'soft-respawn' and be pick-pocketable again without needing to leave and reset the instance. Note that some bosses, particularly Goraluk Anvilcrack, will drop Strong Junkboxes instead of Heavy Junkboxes.
  • Blackrock Depths: Low-level rogues should particularly seek out the Ring of the Law spectators, once the circle of law event has been completed and they become neutral instead of hostile. They can, of course, be pickpocketed before the event is completed, but their close proximity and large groups make it very difficult for a low-level rogue to effectively pickpocket them without being seen. For those trying to farm the entire instance, the mobs in the higher-level portions of the instance (including the Ring of the Law) will drop Heavy Junkboxes, but the mobs in the Detention Block area of BRD, most of the Grim Guzzler mobs, and the Anvilrage Guardsman in the mid-level portions of the instance will drop Sturdy Junkboxes instead. Sturdy Junkboxes and Heavy Junkboxes have identical icons, so be wary of filling your bags with the wrong type.

Recommended farming routes


  • While possible at level 55, it is recommended you do this at level 67+. Allowing you to grab all the essential talents, as well as reducing the "aggro range" of the NPC within the instance, thus allowing you to move much more swiftly and safely without the risk of dying and having to do the long corpse run back.
  • Use 20-22 slot bags, and carry only a hearthstone (allowing you to have 95-103 empty slots). This will reduce the down time of having to hearth and run back to the instance.
  • Avoid chasing patrols, make use of [Distract] to stop patrols, and grab them "on the way".
  • Use [Sprint] as often as possible - Ideally for when you have to cover long distances between mobs.
  • It takes about 7 minutes to pickpocket every humanoid from Dragonspire Hall to the upper level of Tazz'Alaor and head back to Dragonspire Hall.

One route

  1. Enter the instance, clear the first 5 Scarshield Orcs on the sides, Then make your way up the ramps on either sides (depending on the location of the 2 patrolling Orcs) grabbing the patrols on the way, clear the 4 Orcs on the other end of the room, turn around, go down the ramp and clear the 3 rooms of Orcs, and the pack in the middle.
  2. Taking the entrance located in the room you just cleared, make your way to the next room, turn right up the ramp, and clear all the Orcs. Make your way back and into the next area (Hordemar City).
  3. Work your way through Horde City, until you reach the entrance into Mok'Doom, guarded by 3 Spirestone Ogres. Clear the 3 ogres, but skip the entrance. Continue on, clearing the last pack of Scarshield Ogres, head down the ramp and into the next area (Tazz'Alaor).
  4. Work your way through the packs of Smolderthorn Trolls in the first room. Look for a small entrance with a ramp leading up into a small room, clear this room, go back out, turn right down the ramp (grabbing the pack of trolls on the opposite side), when you are meet with a "T" section of the ramp leading into the bottom floor, turn right, and you will and entrance directly in front of you leading into smaller rooms.
  5. Clear out all the rooms, go back out, clear the entire bottom floor of Tazz'Alaor, working your way to the opposite corner (North-East) of the floor, with an entrance leading into Hordemar City.
  6. Clear your way through Hordemar city, grabbing all the Firebrand Orcs on the way, until you are meet by a group spiders.
  7. Ignore all the spiders and continue on, until you come upon a handful of Spirestone Ogres on an open platform. Grab then all and continue forward towards the entrance at the end, ignoring the scorpions and scarabs from the 2 big cracks in the wall.
  8. Take the entrance up a small ramp, and turn left go up the corridor grabbing all the Bloodaxe Orcs and into The Storehouse.
  9. Clear out the Storehouse, go back out, down the corridor, towards the opposite end, take the furthest entrance on the right with a small leading up into the final area of Bloodaxe Orcs.
  10. Clear the room, towards the other side, cross the big cracks in the floor via the wooden plank, turn right, up the ramp, across the bridge into the final room.
  11. Once you clear out the final room, and end at Overlord Wyrmthalak, jump down, cross the bridge, back into the previous room.
  12. Drop down the huge crack (with the wooden plank), and into Mok'Doom. Clear out all the spirestone Ogres, cross the bridge, through the corridor, and you will be back at Hordemar City filled with Scarshield Orcs.
  13. Finally make your way back towards the entrance of the instance, grabbing all the Scarshield Orcs on the way.
  14. Leave the instance, reset, and repeat. Do this until you have enough lockbox (or a full inventory).

If done correctly, the entire "circuit" should take an average of 20–30 minutes.

Alternate route

  1. Enter the instance.
  2. Pick the as many of the orcs in the entrance area as desired. The three rooms off the entrance hall are especially useful.
  3. Take the second right, under the bridge. Pick the three orcs (and avoid the dogs), and the 2-orc patrol. Go through the entrance to the ramp down. Turn to the right just inside (towards the ogres visible above and across a chasm). Jump down, go to the end, jump down again. The ledge continues to your left up to the vista above Hordemar City. Stealth up, then jump down to Hordemar City. (You're a rogue, it *should* not break your stealth.) Run to the far end of Hordemar City, just before the Skitterweb Tunnels.
  4. Start picking pockets back through Hordemar city to Tazz'Alaor.
  5. Make your way through Tazz'Alaor (picking everyone along the way) back up to the entrance to Mok'Doom. Pick the three ogres, but skip Mok'Doom itself.
  6. Continue making your way back to the ramp, picking the Scarshield Orcs at least until you've crossed the bridge.
  7. At this point, you can go to the orcs that are just above Hordemar City, or continue up to the top of the ramp. Either way, you will leap down to Hordemar City, go back to the Skitterweb end, and start over. Total time should be just over 10 minutes. All mobs initially picked should be pickable again without resetting the instance.
  8. Continue until your bags are full.

Additional notes

  • By Turning On Autoloot under the Game Menu --> Interface --> Controls, everytime you Pick Pocket you will automatically loot the contents, this allows you to continue walking while pick pocketing, rather than stopping and manually clicking.
    • Additionally if you have an Ace2 mod installed, you can use the following macro to autoloot everytime you pick pocket:
/script SetCVar("autoLootDefault","1")
/cast Pick Pocket
/in 5 /script SetCVar("autoLootDefault","0")
  • The above methods have a second of loot lag, if you quickly try shifting targets and try to pick pocket them, the game will still (probably) be registering the first pick pocket, usually causing an error that target has been recently pick pocketed. While this doesn't actually cause you to lose any loot that would normally be on the target, it is quite annoying, so you may want to wait a second in between pick pockets.
  • A useful macro that will delete all the non-Junkboxes from your inventory, but use with caution and read the warning.. this WILL delete everything from your bags besides the junkboxes and your hearthstone.
/run for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i)do n=(GetContainerItemLink(i,j)or"") if(not n:find("Hearthstone") and not n:find("Junkbox")) then PickupContainerItem(i,j) DeleteCursorItem()end end end