Type Town
Leader(s) Gerald Green
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
ScourgeScourgeScourgeScourge Scourge
Language(s) Common
Faith(s) Holy Light
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Location Borean Tundra
Status Contested between the Alliance and the Scourge

Farshire is a small town located outside of Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra. Farshire's mine and farmlands provided front-line supplies to the keep; however, the town was consumed by the Scourge when infiltrators from the Cult of the Damned supplied Plagued Grain to the town's workers and militia. In the mine, Captain Jacobs and his Scourged Footmen control access to the last load of ore; in the farmlands, Scourge ghouls battle the Farshire Militia.

The only intact buildings in the town are the town hall and lighthouse. Players must discover how the Cult of the Damned infected the town, and provide aid to the Farshire Militia in keeping the Scourge at bay.


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