MobFarson Hold
Farson Hold.jpg
Type Fortress
Leader(s) IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Keep Lord Farson
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Language(s) Common, Dwarven
Faith(s) Holy Light (formerly)
  Formerly Baradin's Wardens, Kul Tiras, Alliance
Location Tol Barad Peninsula, Tol Barad
Status Active

Farson Hold, also known as Farson Keep, was a key military base on the Tol Barad Peninsula. The Baradin's Wardens there have since gone violently insane for reasons unknown, and the hold has fallen into disrepair. The soldiers here are fanatically loyal to Keep Lord Farson[1] and have captured a number of Alliance and Horde prisoners, but leave them to starve and dehydrate in the keep's dungeon.[2]



  • Interestingly, while Tol Barad is historically a human region, the Hold is both named after and commanded by a dwarf; Keep Lord Farson.


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The strange, dark magic that has raised many of the island's inhabitants, both recently killed and long dead, as various forms of undead is almost surely the same cause behind the insanity within Farson Hold. It is possibly the result of the powerful demons held within Baradin Hold, but these creatures appear to have been let out by their own jailers, the deranged Wardens seen across Tol Barad. As such, it could be feared that whatever ancient horrors that lurk beneath the Great Sea are behind the madness of all Tol Barad.

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