NeutralFate of the Stormstouts
Start Chen Stormstout [50.5, 12.0]
End Chen Stormstout [50.5, 12.0]
Level 90 (Requires 89)
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 118000
Rewards 5g 70s
Previous N [90] The Heavens Hum With War, N [90] Sacred Recipe
Next N [90] Evie Stormstout


Sapmaster Vu

Lya of Ten Songs

Big Dan Stormstout

Ask the inhabitants of The Sunset Brewgarden if they've seen any Stormstouts.


<Name>! It is so great to see you healthy, and traveling so far. It would seem that our paths are quite tightly intertwined.

I'm here looking for my family. I am told that several Stormstouts came across the wall to help face the mantid threat. I mean to find them, and join them.

Have you seen anyone named Stormstout come through here? Would you mind helping me ask around?


You will receive: 5g 70s


You are brave to have come across the wall, <race>.


<Chen listens intently.>

Big Dan, Han, Evie, and Mama. I understand.

It seems like Dan will be safe here. I will go look for Evie, Han, and Mama Stormstout.

Take care, <name>.


  • 118000 XP


Sapmaster Vu:

Greetings, friend. Can I get you a mug of anything?
Gossip Have you seen anybody named Stormstout come through here?
Yes, a few of them. The biggest one, Han, last went out to fight at Kor'vess.
Haven't seen him in a few days, actually. I hope everything's alright...

Lya of Ten Songs:

Have you been drinking well?
Gossip Have you seen any Stormstouts here in the Brewgarden?
You mean other than Lazy Dan over there? Sure!
I spent some time with Evie before she went hunting up north. Such a sweet girl.
And of course, who could forget Mama Stormstout?

Big Dan Stormstout:

<He's sound asleep.>
Gossip Is your name really Stormstout?
<Big Dan makes a combination of sleepy, fitful grunts and snorts.>
Yeah... Stormstout alright...

On complete:

Chen Stormstout says: It is great to see you again, <name>.
Chen Stormstout says: I would stay longer, but I need to go find out what has happened to the rest of the Stormstouts.
Chen Stormstout says: I sincerely hope our paths cross again.

After Chen runs out of the Sunset Brewgarden and despawns, he can be found south at the Horrid March due south of the entrance to the Amber Vault.


Optional breadcrumb: N [90] A Not So Friendly Request

  1. N [90] The Heavens Hum With War & N [90] Sacred Recipe
  2. N [90] I Bring Us Great Shame & N [90] Daggers of the Great Ones & N [90] Bound With Shade & N [90] Rending Daggers
  3. N [90] Wood and Shade & N [90] Bound With Wood
  4. N [90] Sunset Kings
  5. N [90] Fiery Wings & N [90] Incantations Fae and Primal & N [90] The Horror Comes A-Rising & N [90] Great Vessel of Salvation
  6. N [90] Bind the Glamour
  7. N [90] Blood of Ancients & N [90] Fires and Fears of Old

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