Current fated raid as shown in the Adventure Guide.

Fated Raids are increased difficulty of the Shadowlands raids during Shadowlands Season 4, with a selected raid being fated for a week until the next daily reset.


The Group Finder with the current fated raids.

To find out when a raid is fated during that week, refer to the Calendar for the world event which starts each Tuesday or refer to the Fated Raid.png icon in the Adventure Guide's Shadowlands raids section or the Raid Finder dropdown menu.

Fated Raids follow a weekly rotation:[1]

Players in a raid or world boss Fated encounter have the following buff:

Inv belt plate raidpaladinprogenitormythic d 01.png  Fated Raid — You are in a Fated Raid. Enemies have increased power.

World bosses

Additionally, depending on which raid is fated, the corresponding world bosses will also be fated.

Castle Nathria
Sanctum of Domination
Sepulcher of the First Ones

Fated Powers

Similar to Mythic+ affixes, a Fated Power will be applied to every boss in the Fated raid of that week.

Item levels

With increased difficulty, also means increased item level.

Difficulty Fated Raids
World boss 285
Raid Finder 265/272
Normal 278/285
Heroic 291/297
Mythic 304/311

Raid vendors

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Achievements and rewards

To count toward the following achievements, players must do each raid on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty. Raid Finder does not count toward the achievements. Doing Mythic will count toward all the achievements while Heroic will count toward the normal and heroic achievements.


Patch changes


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