• Fear and Flesh
  • Quest Item
  • "The battered, leather-bound book is in poor condition."

Fear and Flesh is a book looted from a Corrupted Chest after completing any Corrupted or Lost area in the Vision of Stormwind or Vision of Orgrimmar. It was written by an adherent of N'Zoth[1] and, like  [The Curse of Stone], serves as Old God propaganda. This book follows the cultist viewpoint that flesh is a generous gift from the Old Gods, not a curse.[2]

Wrathion notes that this idea is insidious because it contains a kernel of truth: "There is something to be said for the joy that comes with feeling the sun on one's skin and the wind in one's hair." However, the book neglects to mention any of the other effects of Old God corruption, or the suffering that N'Zoth's plans would bring.[3]

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