Fear of Boring

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NeutralFear of Boring
Start Felsen the Enduring [56.0, 14.4]
End Felsen the Enduring [56.0, 14.4]
Level 83 (Requires 81)
Type Daily
Category Deepholm
Experience 43900
Reputation +250 Therazane
Rewards 8g 60s (or 10g 46s at max level)
Repeatable Yes
Shareable Yes


Kill 10 gyreworms.


The gyreworms infest the rock, eating away at it until our home will one day collapse. For every one that is killed, twice as many burst forth to follow, but we must carry on the fight. They must be extinguished.

Go to the Crumbling Depths and slaughter any worms that you can find.


You will receive: 8g 60s (or 10g 46s at max level)


Your flesh is well suited for the task. It does not corrode from their attacks as our rockskin does.


You wage a war that we cannot. Thank you for your help.


Pick up N [83 Daily] Motes before heading out.

Do this quest while working on N [83 Daily] Beneath the Surface, as to get to the objective for that quest, you'll need to kill Gyreworms.


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