Feasel the Muffin Thief

Combat 32.png Feasel the Muffin Thief
Feasel the Muffin Thief.jpg
Image of Feasel the Muffin Thief
Race Marsuul (Beast)
Level 47 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Occupation Thief
Location Mac'Aree[41.8, 11.2]
Status Killable

Feasel the Muffin Thief is a marsuul located in Mac'Aree. In the world quest to kill him, Aethas Sunreaver says he is a dangerous member of the Legion wielding potent forces.


  • Burrow - The unit burrows, unleashing a barrage of subterranean attacks.
  • Head Crack - Stunned
  • Tackle - Shoulder tackles the enemy, inflicting Physical damage.


Objective of


This marsuul is a reference to Jeremy Feasel, also known as Muffinus.

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